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Communications Training

Communications training is facilitated throughout the intern year with a focus on dealing with difficult conversations, both in person, online and telephone consultations in the context of a COVID environment.

Conflict Resolution Workshops

Several conflict resolution workshops are held throughout the intern year both online and face-to-face. Interns will learn crucial conflict management skills, including dealing with anger and using the Agreement Frame. Dealing with conflict is important for every organisation no matter what size. These workshops cover how to understand what conflict and conflict resolution means, understanding the six phases of conflict resolution process, understanding the five main styles of conflict resolution, being able to adapt to the process for all types of conflicts, basic communication tools and stress management techniques.

Train the Trainer

The UCD intern network offers a ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop facilitated by the Royal College of Physicians in Ireland covering topics such as Adult Learning, Learning Styles, Design Learning Interventions for success and Practice exercise – mini teaching sessions with feedback.
Workshops covers an introduction to effective clinical teaching providing participants with a basic level of knowledge and skills in clinical teaching and to raise awareness of their own approaches to learning in the clinical environment.


“What support resources are provided to you as a UCD intern?”

The UCD intern programme as part of a national intern training programme provides both onsite hospital and university support with a suite of library, e-learning tools including wellbeing support as an HSE employee. UCD interns have full access to the UCD campus and its complimentary services while rotating through their intern year.


“How are you involved with your intern training?”

UCD interns are encouraged to actively participate and contribute towards the delivery of the UCD intern training programme with attendance at HSE workshops, intern representative meetings, regular progress meetings with their UCD tutors and participation in HSE surveys. UCD interns are involved on HSE intern training developmental committees at all aspects of proposed developments to the national intern training programme. A Staff/Intern Committee is formed each year Intern Representatives from the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital and St Vincent's University Hospital, our two main teaching hospital sites. The Intern Network Executive engages with intern trainees through their local intern network structures, the intern tutors and trainers and encourages participation at HSE workshops.


“What mentoring supports are provided during intern training?”

UCD interns are continuously mentored through their intern year by both UCD Senior Academics, Intern Consultant Supervisors and the UCD Intern Tutors and Lecturers. Interns are mentored to better prepare them for entry into Basic Specialty Training for both the application and interview process with exit interviews reviewing individual progress and feedback including a continuous feedback loop with an intern assessment requirement as mandated by the Irish Medical Council of Ireland.

What is the Certificate of Experience?

If you successfully complete an internship in Ireland in an allocated HSE intern post, you are awarded a Certificate of Experience from the Medical Council (of Ireland). This Certificate of Experience (COE) meets the eligibility criteria to apply for continued registration on a trainee scheme. Internship must be for a minimum of twelve continuous months with satisfactory completion of the mandatory training components in the respective intern network.
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