BSc (Hons) Radiography (Graduate Entry)

Programme Introduction

This accelerated Radiography training programme has been developed to allow graduates from a wide variety of academic backgrounds to study with us. The content of the accelerated Radiography programme supports a robust learning of basic sciences and incorporates a wide range of Radiography training which has been developed with respect to published requirements for Radiography training.

Students will be provided with teaching from a dedicated team of over 25 lecturers and clinical training will be enhanced by the inclusion of our new ‘state of the art” virtual reality training equipment and our X-ray suite facilities on site, in UCD. Flexibility is built into our clinical placement programme to meet the needs of graduates. Principal training centres will be located in Dublin, at several UCD affiliated high technology sites.

This Radiography programme also contains exciting new opportunities for graduates to allow them to gain advanced skills in a number of key health service areas which is possible due to the extensive experience of UCD in Radiography training. This new Radiography offering is unique in Ireland.

Programme Summary

Programme Title: Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Radiography (Graduate Entry)
Programme Lead: Dr Jonathan McNulty, UCD Radiography and Diagnostic Imaging
Qualifications: Honours Bachelors Degree, Level 8
Accelerated Pathway: 180 ECTS / 2.5 years duration
Teaching: Full Time

Programme Outcomes

The programme learning outcomes are that the students will:

  • Acquire the relevant knowledge underpinning scientific principles, diagnostic imaging practice, technology and clinical practice.
  • Acquire the relevant skills to engage in clinical audit.
  • Apply problem-solving skills across a wide range of clinical scenarios.
  • Adhere to best practice, safety and quality guidelines relevant to clinical practice.
  • Communicate effectively within the multidisciplinary healthcare environment.
  • Understand their roles and responsibilities as an autonomous professional throughout their clinical practice.
  • Apply an evidence-based approach to all aspects of diagnostic imaging practice.
  • Competently undertake and appraise specific diagnostic imaging examinations.
  • Integrate professional values and standards in their daily practice and promote these in a wider societal context.
  • Act as reflective practitioners and demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning.
  • Work effectively, both independently and as part of a team.
  • Engage with the professional education of students, colleagues and other health professionals to foster an ethos of continuing learning and knowledge sharing.

Programme Structure

Stage 1 Semester 1CreditsStage 1 Semester 2CreditsStage 1 Semester 3Credits
Clinical Human Anatomy I 5 Clinical Human Anatomy II 5 Clinical Practice of Radiography I 15
Practice of Radiography 1 10 Practice of Radiography 2 5 Practice of Radiography 3 5
Technology of Radiography 1 5 Technology of Radiography 2 5    
Fundamentals of Physiology 5 Clinical Human Anatomy III 5    
Technology: RIS/PACS 5 Fundamentals: Neurophysiology 5    
    Basics of Human Physiology 5    


Stage 2 Semester 1CreditsStage 2 Semester 2CreditsStage 2 Semester 3Credits
Practice of Radiography : Advanced Technique 5 Image Interpretation 5 Clinical Practice of Radiography 2 15
Radiation Protection 5 Ultrasound 5 Clinical Audit 5
Nuclear Medicine 5 Mechanisms of Disease/Pathology 5    
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 5 Paediatric Radiography 5    
Computed Tomography 5 Interventional Imaging 5    
Legal Medicine & Professionalism 5

Optional Module to include:

  • DXA
  • Cross Sectional Imaging
  • Paediatrics
  • Early Pregnancy Ultrasound


Stage 3 Semester 1Credits
Professional Completion 5
Clinical Practice of Radiography 3 15

Programme Fees

Fees 2019/2020Stage 1 & Stage 2Stage 3 Semester 1
Irish/EU €13,500 per year €6,000
Non-EU €28,000 per year €12,000

Last Updated: 13th February 2019.  Note: The fee details presented above are indicative and for information purposes only.  Please check the UCD Fees Office for the definitive information. 

Graduate entry programmes are not part of the “Free Tuition” scheme. Please see the fees page for full information about fees for this programme. These are level 8 undergraduate degrees, so the undergraduate fees rules apply.

Please note:
  • If you have at any time resided, or are at present resident, outside of the EU then you must contact the UCD Fees Office well in advance of the closing date to verify your EU Fee status.
  • Your status will determine whether you apply as outlined on this document or if you are required to apply directly to the University.
  • You can complete an online self-assessment at

Admission Requirements & Application

For further information on specific admission requirements of this programme please see UCD Admissions website:

Contact Us

Programme LeadProgramme Administrator
Dr Jonathan McNulty  


telephone: +353 1 716 6519