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Wednesday 15th January 2020 at 12 noon at UCD Charles Institute Seminar Room

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Early Phases of Scleroderma

The next presentation in the UCD Charles Institute Seminar Series entitled 'Molecular Mechanisms in the Early Phases of Scleroderma (Multifactorial autoimmune skin disease)' will be given by Dr Jacobo Elies PhD (University of Bradford) on Wednesday 15th Janunary 2020 at 12pm in the UCD Charles Institute Seminar Room. 

Scleroderma is a multifactorial autoimmune skin disease characterized by tissue fibrosis (increased TGF-β signalling) and vasculopathy (increased oxidative stress-dependent endothelial dysfunction). I will focus on molecular mechanisms in the early phases of the disease, with special emphasis on the link between aberrant TGF-β signalling and endothelial dysfunction.  In my presentation I will introduce the regulatory role of caveolin-1 as a suppressor of TGF-β signalling  and how downregulation of caveolin-1 (present in Scleroderma) influences dermal fibroblast behaviour from resident to profibrotic phenotype, a mechanism responsible for endothelial dysfunction in the skin microvasculature leading to vasculopathy in Scleroderma.

About Dr Jacobo Elies

Dr Jacobo Elíes completed his PhD at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain). As a PDRA at the University of Leeds, he investigated the molecular mechanisms involved in the development of cardiovascular diseases and the regulation of ion channels by gasotransmitters. He was awarded a Wellcome Trust ISSF Junior Investigator Development Fellowship to investigate the role of gasotransmitters in maintaining vascular homeostasis in autoimmune skin diseases such as Scleroderma. He has been a PI at the University of Bradford since 2017 and is currently investigating endothelial dysfunction in disease models. He was recently awarded a KTP grant to develop a human 3D-pigmented skin equivalent model in collaboration with Labskin.

Unable to Attend?

If you can't make it to seminar in person &  would like to tune in to Dr. Elies  webinar at 12PM  via Adobe Connect, or request a link for playback ( 2 weeks availability from time of upload) please email Celia Kelly <celia.kellysb@gmail.com>.

About the UCD Charles Institute Seminar Series

The next seminar series  talk is on 22nd January 2020  where  guest speaker Dr. Sinead Langan  will present on ' Recent advances in the epidemiology of atopic eczema'.

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