Wednesday 10th February 2016 from 5pm at UCD O'Reilly Hall

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Clinical Commencement 'White Coat' Ceremony 2016

The 2016 Clinical Commencement 'White Coat' Ceremony will take place on the evening of Wednesday 10th February 2016 at UCD O'Reilly Hall for medical students entering their final years of clinical training. The ceremony will be followed by a reception for students, their guests and staff in the Conservatory in O’Reilly Hall.

2015 Clinical Commencement White Coat Ceremony

The Clinical Commencement Ceremony marks the transition from a predominantly preclinical medical education focus to an intensive period of clinical training.  The White Coat symbolise the professional responsibilities that students will assume throughout their clinical life. During the ceremony, the students will be asked to always maintain professional attitudes and behaviours in work and relationships with classmates, teachers, patients and the community and to commit to follow ethical and professional standards of the profession.

We look forward to welcoming students and their families to celebrate this major educational milestone. Further details will be posted on Blackboard.