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Wednesday 1st November 2017, 12:00 noon at UCD Conway Institute

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SAD - Effect of LED Irradiation on the Elderly

Conway Seminar

Title: On November the 1st at 12:00 in the Conway Lecture Theatre, it will take place the seminar “Study of the effect of LED irradiation in elderly populations with low levels of vitamin D and Seasonal Affective Disorders. The importance of instrument calibration for their effectiveness” by Dr. David Baeza-Moyano.

About Dr Baeza 

Dr. Baeza (https://www.linkedin.com/in/davbaeza/?ppe=1) is the Commercial Technical Director of the Company FutTec and founder of many others successful companies, as well as Associate Professor in the Faculty of Pharmacy in CEU San Pablo (Madrid), specialized in the field of Optical Physiology, optical instrumentation, acoustics and radiometry. Dr. Baeza leads several research projects for the development of new sources of light related to health and beauty. His companies perform:

  • Technical laboratory inspections of UVA lamps in Spanish tanning centers under ENAC accreditation. In Spain is mandatory to perform annual inspections
  • Measurements of phototherapy clinical instrumentation (UV and IR) in Spanish hospitals under ENAC accreditation. Although it is not mandatory, several hospitals are testing it in order to have a proper control of the patient doses
  • Measurements of lasers in hospitals and beauty centers. There is no European legislation in this respect but some hospital and administrations are requesting this measurements in order to control dose treatments
  • Measurement of LED Lumen for interiors
  • Studies of the effect of the energy inside the human body: studies of the effect of ultrasound, radiofrequencies and OEM regularly used in medical treatments, medical-aesthetical and aesthetical (hair removal, wrinkle removal, body weight loss, etc.)
  • Studies of lumen in order to provide the right dose in therapeutic usage for patients with low vitamin D levels
  • Lumen measurements for cell culture, biomolecules, greenhouses, to provide recommendation time dose and optimal spectra to be used

 Dr. Baeza, is coming to Ireland to explore potential collaborations mainly in three projects:

Project I: Light sources with LED emission for the increase of vitamin D in the population.

He is looking for a collaboration with private or public health centers for the treatment of patients with controlled minimal doses and the analysis of vitamin D in blood.  After 14 years of experience working with state of the art equipment, Prof. Baeza has proved that there is no risk for the volunteers, as doses are lower than sun exposure. The possibilities for global market expansion are extremely high as he knows already the market. This Project is of special interest for medical doctors and researchers working with phototherapy, internal medicine or those interested in the role of Vitamin D, and the usage of proper artificial light for the treatment of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Project II: Source of light with several peaks of light with LED emission.

It is necessary to develop just one specific LED. Homologation is under discussion, several successive generations have been developed and several prototypes generated. Looking for a partner for manufacturing. High financial potential, based on previous market experience.

Project III: Development of a very low cost utility model.

This research project looks for the reduction of manufacturing/selling cost of LEDs 

If you would like to have further discussions with Dr. Baeza, please let Alfonso Blanco (alfonso.blanco@ucd.ie) know in advance in order to organise the meeting.