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Award Writing Micro-credential


Subject Area Law
Credits 5
Start Date  5 June 2023
Duration 10 weeks
Time -
Mode of Delivery Hybrid – Primarily project
based with approximately 4
hours of lectures
Lead Academic Assoc Prof. Brian Hutchinson
Fee €715
Application Deadline 29 May 2023

This micro-credential focuses on the skills required to write an arbitrator’s award which is precise, reasoned, valid and enforceable, ethical, and which follows good practice in decision making and in structuring and expressing decisions and determinations. Though its main focus is Arbitration, the skills developed in the micro-credential may also be of relevance in other walks of decision making including construction adjudication, commercial adjudication, expert determination, disciplinary tribunals and investigation, sports adjudication, and other contexts in which judgment must be exercised and determination delivered.

The syllabus covers: "Part B: Decision Making and Award Writing" of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators' Module 3 syllabus.

Key Features

Current and prospective arbitrators, adjudicators, tribunal members, and experts and advisors involved in dispute situations, including lawyers, engineers architects, surveyors, human resources personnel; and others involved in decision making and delivery. This micro-credential will be of interest to anyone wishing to acquire the skills of the arbitrator in structuring, writing, and delivering reasoned decisions or awards.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this micro-credential, students will have:

  • Studied and practiced reasoned decision making  and delivery in a variety of dispute contexts, based on analysis of issues and the application of rules of evidence and law;
  • Acquired and demonstrated an understanding of the formal and substantive legal requirements for a valid and enforceable arbitrator’s award in Irish and international law, including the New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards 1958
  • Acquired and demonstrated a knowledge of drafting skills and techniques required of arbitrators and have practiced using them in a variety of exercises.
  • Demonstrated an ability to write, from given fact scenarios, a valid and enforceable, cogent, complete, certain and final arbitrator’s reasoned award and have written and been assessed upon such an award.

  1. The Context of Award Writing;
  2. Introduction to decision making;
  3. The Formal Requirements of a Valid Award;
  4. The Substantive Requirements of a Valid Award;
  5. Costs and Interest in Awards;
  6. Plain English and Formal Writing.   

The syllabus covers “Part B: Decision Making and Award Writing” of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators “Module 3” syllabus.

This micro-credential will be of general benefit to anyone involved in formal decision making and delivery in many contexts, though particularly as a neutral or adjudicator or arbitrator.

This micro-credential is delivered through the UCD online learning platform (Brightspace) and will consist of lectures/seminars, critical writing, and learner presentations. Students are encouraged to attend the lectures during the class times stated above. However, classes will be recorded for occasions where attending live is not possible.

A repository of resources will be available to support your learning, and as a UCD student you will have full access to the library. 

This is a 10 ECTS micro-credential and involves approximately 200 hours of learner effort.

Applicants must hold a degree in law or another relevant discipline, including the social and natural sciences. An upper second-class honours Level 8 degree (GPA 3.08), or international equivalent is required.

Applications will also be accepted from those with significant, relevant, practical experience or those with a graduate qualification relevant to the micro-credential.

Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate proof of English proficiency as per UCD's minimum English language requirements.

All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Award Writing Assignment – 100%.

Over the course of the micro-credential students will complete a number of drafting exercises which will be submitted for feedback and returned for revision; culminating in a full reasoned arbitrators award based on a supplied fictional scenario which will include evidence and submissions. 

Feedback is primarily provided by way of group feedback supplied online post-assessment following UCD School of Law policies. Individual feedback may be supplied personally online or in person as to where a student stands relative to the group feedback.

Opportunities for self and peer review will be possible through in class exercises and online peer discussion group and exercises.

The Irish Law and Legal Procedure and Arbitration Law and Procedure micro-credentials may also be of interest. Irish Law and Legal Procedure will be of particular interest to those without a previous legal background. These micro-credentials are also modules on the UCD Sutherland School of Law’s Professional Diploma in Arbitration.

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