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Seminar Archives

This archive contains details of previous year's seminar topics, sorted chronologically. Prior to 2022/3, the series was entitled The Seminar in Musicology. For additional information, please contact music@ucd.ie


23 February 2022
Helen Lawlor (Technological University Dublin)
'Mná na hÉireann: Women and Music in Irish Harping'

2 March 2022
Cormac de Barra (University of Limerick)
'Sustaining the Harp in Ireland: The culture bearers of the early-mid twentieth century'

23 March 2022
Ríonach Uí Ógáin (University College Dublin, Professor Emerita)
'The Irish Folklore Commission'

6 April 2022
Nicholas Carolan (Irish Traditional Music Archive, Director Emeritus)
'Making an Archive of Irish Traditional Music, 1987-2022'

13 April 2022
Anne Marie O' Farrell (Royal Northern College of Music)
'From Bow to Blade: Bach's D minor Chaconne for Irish Harp'


30 September 2021
Dr Nicolás Puyane (Royal Irish Academy of Music)
'Recomposing Liszt: Adventures in Textual Fluidity'

7 October 2021
Dr Bláithín Duggan (Dublin City University):
‘Something in the way [they sing]: Vocal Qualifiers as Expressive Devices in the Songs of The Beatles’

21 October 2021
Dr Anne Stanyon (Independent Scholar)
‘Hiding in Plain Sight, or in Search of the Lost Arthur Sullivan’

4 November 2021
Dr Eva-Maria de Oliveira Pinto (Franz Liszt Academy, Weimar)
‘When is Music a Cultural Heritage? Basic thoughts on the Pipe Organ and its Music’

11 November 2021
Professor Patrick Zuk (Durham University)
'Soviet Music and the Practice of Historical Biography'

3 February 2021
Dr Joseph Mason (IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, UCD School of Music)
'Violence and Medieval Music: the jeu-parti'

17 February 2021
Dr Maddie Kavanagh-Clarke (University of Durham)
'Loosening strategies in Mendelssohn’s sonata forms: the impact of proliferation on tight-knit organisation in main themes'

3 March 2021
Dr John Millar (UCD School of Music)
'Red, White and Green: Assumed identities and Country Music politics'

31 March 2021
Dr Georgina Hughes (DKIT, Dundalk)
'Dame Evelyn Glennie: Solo Percussion performance and the issue of Gender'

14 April 2021
Dr Donal Fullam (UCD School of Music)
'Virtual Reality and the 21st Century Gesamtkunstwerk'


8 October 2020
Dr Alexander Khalil (University College Cork)
'Present Pasts: Oral and Written Tradition in Byzantine chant'

15 October 2020
Dr Aileen Dillane (University of Limerick)
'White Nationalism, #BLM, and Irish-America: Revisiting Lord of the Dance in the Age of Trump'

5 November 2020
Dr Xenia Pestova Bennett (University of Nottingham)
'Reconstructing Bach: Karlheinz Essl’s Gold.Berg.Werk'

19 November 2020
Dr Charles Wilson (Cardiff University)
The Attali Prophesies Revisited: Elitism and Opportunity in a ‘Digital Age’ of Music'

3 December 2020
Dr Franziska Schroeder (Queen’s University Belfast)
'Distributed Listening: Network Music as Organising Ourselves as Social Networks of People'


5 February 2020
Dr Sheryl Lynch (Independent Scholar)
'Sound Immigration: The Cultural Place Making of Northwest Cameroonians in Ireland'

19 February 2020
Professor Kay Kaufman Shelemay (Harvard University)
'After the Revolution: A Musical Portrait of the Ethiopian Diaspora'

26 February 2020
Dr Tony Langlois (Mary Immaculate College)
'Sacred Music and the Global Ethnoscape: Moroccan Sufism Relocated'

1 April 2020
Professor Marina Frolova Walker (University of Cambridge)
'The Curious Case of Norman Cazden, or Musical Realism Across the Cold-War Divide'

15 April 2020
Dr Tomas McAuley (University College Dublin)
'What is Music and Philosophy?'


26 September 2019
Dr Ruth Stanley (Independent Scholar)
'The Wearin’ o’ the Green and the Black Bottom: the Evolution and Cultural Assimilation of Jazz and Jazz Dancing in Pre- and Post-partitioned Ireland'

24 October 2019
Dr Deirdre Ní Chonghaile (Independent Scholar)
'Sean-nós Song in Pennsylvania 1884-1935: The Rev. Daniel J. Murphy Collection

7 November 2019
Dr Estelle Murphy (Department of Music, Maynooth University)
'William Boyce and the Development of the Court Ode, 1750–79'

14 November 2019
Dr Monika Jurić Janjik (Academy of Music, University of Zagreb)
'Thoughts on Music by Dubrovnik Thinkers in the Renaissance'

21 November 2019
Dr Anja Bunzel (Institute of Art History, Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague)
'What's in a Salon? Defining Nineteenth-Century Salon Culture'


6 February 2019
Barbara Dignam (University College Dublin)
'On Being "Doubly Disadvantaged": Women and the Gendered Worlds of Electroacoustic Composition in Ireland'

20 February 2019
Danielle Sofer (Maynooth University)
'Code Switching in Electronic Music'

6 March 2019
Elaine Kelly (University of Edinburgh)
'Performing Diplomacy: Musical Encounters between the German Democratic Republic and the Middle East'

27 March 2019
Lonán Ó Briain (University of Nottingham)
'Sound, Technology and Citizenship in French Indochina'

10 April 2019
Laura Anderson (Maynooth University / University College Dublin)
'Sonic Snapshots of Paris: Film Music and Sound Design in Jacques Rivette’s Paris nous appartient (1961) and Chris Marker’s Le Joli mai (1963)'


20 September 2018
Dr Axel Klein (Frankfurt)
‘Redefining Irish Music’

4 October 2018
Professor Una Hunt (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)
‘Thomas Moore: Drawing Room Entertainer or Rebel Songster?’

18 October 2018
Professor Lorenz Welker (University of Munich)
'The Beginnings of the Orchestra: On Instrumental Ensemble Music between the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Times'

15 November 2018
Dr Jillian Rogers (University College Cork)
‘Ravel's Musical “Magic Words”: Interwar Modernism, Trauma, and Psychoanalytic Theory.’

22 November 2018
Professor Harry White (University College Dublin)
‘Redefining Music in Ireland’


7 February 2018
Dr Jaime Jones (University College Dublin)
'Music and Digital Devotion in India'

21 February 2018
Dr Laura Watson (Maynooth University)
'"Every Day I Write the Book": Popular Musicians and Memoirs in the Twenty-First Century'

28 February 2018
Dr Elaine Kelly (University of Edinburgh)
'Performing Diplomacy: Musical Encounters between the German Democratic Republic and the Middle East'

7 March 2018
Dr J. Griffith Rollefson (University College Cork)
'"The Big Pill": Enlightenment Binaries and Black Musical Metaphysics'

11 April 2018
Professor Jim Samson (Royal Holloway, University of London)
'Looking for Narts: Circassians and their Homelands'


5 October 2017
Professor John Butt (Gardiner Professor of Music, University of Glasgow)
'Psycho - Hitchcock and the Aesthetic of Absolute Music'

2 November 2017
Dr Helen Lawlor (Dundalk Institute of Technology)
'Masculine beginnings to feminine endings: a gendered discourse of the Irish harp'

9 November 2017
Professor Julian Horton (Durham University)
'Prospects for a theory of romantic form'

23 November 2017
Dr Natasha Loges (Royal College of Music, London)
'Performing society through song: the multiple meanings of poetry in Brahms’s Lieder'

30 November 2017
Professor Stanislav Tuksar (Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
'Ideas on music therapy and the human condition in Dissertatio VI (1685) by Giorgio Baglivi (Dubrovnik, 1668 - Rome, 1707)'


22 February 2017
Dr Maria McHale (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama)
'Sounds of a new state? Musical Life in revolutionary Dublin'

1 March 2017
Dr Pauline Graham (Griffith College Dublin)
'“A most precious jewel”: Byrd’s Agnus Dei settings and the significance of the Eucharist for Elizabethan recusants'

8 March 2017
Dr Shane McMahon (University College Dublin)
'The discovery of deep time: historical musicology and the return of universal history'

29 March 2017
Dr Adrian Scahill (Maynooth University)
'Sides, tracks and albums: reflections on recording and the creation of works in traditional music'

5 April 2017
Dr John Cunningham (Bangor University)
'Arne, nationalism and the English stage'

12 April 2017
Dr Anne Hyland (Manchester University)
'With whom was Schubert really contemporary? The Beethoven myth and the uncharted history of the string quartet in Schubert’s Vienna'


15 September 2016
Dr Antonio Cascelli (Maynooth University)
'Approaching Hearing and Seeing in Sixteenth-Century Italian Music and Arts'

20 October 2016
Dr Björn Heile (University of Glasgow)
'Sound, Movement, Embodiment: Analysing Experimental Music Theatre'

27 October 2016
Dr Bianca Temes (Gheorghe Dima Music Academy, Cluj-Napoca)
'Romanian Folklore: Hidden Streams in the Music of Ligeti and Kurtág'

3 November 2016
Dr Áine Mangaoang (University of Oslo)
'Popular Music Research Today: From Beyoncé and Musical Mapping to Prison Rehabilitation'

24 November 2016
Dr Jonathan Dueck (George Washington University)
'Departures: Congregational Music & Community After Conflict'

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