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Title: Student Orientation

Monday 01 - Friday 05 September 2008

Organiser: UCD Registry
Location: UCD Belfield
Contact: Student Help Desk
Website: UCD Registry

Student Orientation

During orientation week, new students register for their degree programmes and finalise their choice of modules. They also meet with Orientation Guides (current UCD students) who show them around the campus, introduce them to their classmates and help them to settle into student life at UCD.

The best part of Orientation is that it’s fun. Annual orientation traditions include nightly movies, DJ and band nights in the Student Club, scavenger hunts, the Orientation Céilí and Orientation Kick-Off Barbecue. There are also special Orientation meetings hosted by the International
Office, New ERA, the Disability Support Service, Chaplaincy, the Mature Students Adviser and the Applied Language Centre.

An important part of Orientation is the scarving ceremony. During the President’s Welcome Ceremony, each student is presented with a scarf in the colours of the university – St Patrick’s sapphire blue, saffron and gold. All students are asked to place their scarves around their necks at the same time. This represents the beginning of their journey as a UCD
student. All students are encouraged to wear their scarves as a symbol of their pride in UCD, whether on or off campus, at home or abroad.


“Orientation is great because it gives new students a great kick-start to their college life by introducing them to UCD with a friendly helpful smile and immediately making a group of new friends.” - Paddy Ryan

“Orientation is great because it gives you a chance to talk to people who’ve gone through it all before. It’s great if you’re from the country and your guide is too. You think ‘Hey, they
managed to survive up in the Big Smoke. It can’t be too bad!’”
- Rachael Chall

“Everyone remembers what it’s like to be a first year – totally excited, totally overwhelmed and, frankly, totally scared. Orientation was a great chance for me to help usher in another year to UCD, and to try to make this transition smoother!” - Erin Smith

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Student Orientation