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Posted 31 July 2013

Change of mind outcome for first preferences: UCD first preferences approach 9,000

With first preferences reaching almost 9,000, UCD remains the university of first choice in Ireland.  The change of mind window increased first preferences by over 2% (187 students) from July 2012.

The national figure shows a growth of 108 first preference applications for all Level 8 degrees.

Engineering (DN150) has climbed over 16% in first preferences to almost 400 while Computer Science (DN201) remained static and consequently, the overall interest in Engineering and Technology degrees at UCD remains very buoyant.

First preferences for Science (DN200) at UCD have been rising for a number of years, initially in response to the curriculum reform and subject pathways for students.  This year the final first preferences climbed over 10% from July 2012, with an all-time record of 663 first preference applicants.

Another very strong subject at UCD is Agricultural Science (DN250), which now has over 500 first preferences (+14%).  As with computer science, first preferences may be prompted by the strong performance of the agri-business sector in the national economy and the availability of jobs for young graduates.

Even allowing for the impact of the HPAT (where the results were published on 24 June), first preferences for undergraduate entry to Medicine (DN400) rose by almost 5%.  Taking account of graduate entry to Medicine (DN401), UCD’s human medicine first preferences have increased by 13% compared with the national figure of 1%.

Arts – across the omnibus entry (DN500) and denominated subjects, remains static, while Psychology increased over last year by 16% to 245 first preferences.

In the suite of degrees covering law, commerce and business & law, first preferences also remains static. 

Last year, points for most courses at UCD rose, with 17 increasing by 25 or more points, reflecting, in part, the impact of the extra points for higher maths but also the rise of over 10% in first preferences for UCD among CAO applicants last year.  This impact may stabilise this year.

First round offers to CAO applicants will be issued on 21 August.


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Change of mind outcome for first preferences: UCD first preferences approach 9,000
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