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Posted: 12 April 2006

New technology will improve the pace of translational research in Ireland

The arrival of a revolutionary new technology known as Aperio ScanScope on our shores is about to change the face of translational research in Ireland. Translational research crosses the boundaries between scientific research and clinical application by bringing observations made at the laboratory bench closer to implementation in a clinical setting.

The new Aperio ScanScope system, acquired as a result of a joint initiative between UCD Conway Institute of Biomolecular & Biomedical Research and Beaumont Hospital, enables accelerated analyses of great numbers of clinical tissue samples. Using a conventional microscope only one sample could be examined at a time, but now using this new technology hundreds of samples can be examined, scanned and analysed all at once. This will greatly accelerate the research process for Irish scientists exploring aspects of cancer, neurobiology and cardiovascular disease.

Dr Amanda McCann and Dr William Gallagher, both of the UCD Conway Institute, and Professor Elaine Kay of Beaumont Hospital and the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland received funding for this equipment through the Health Research Board (HRB).

McCann, Gallagher and Kay, who have teamed up to develop and apply advanced imaging tools for histopathology, are making notable ground in their investigations into the causes and possible treatments for breast, bladder, and colorectal cancer. This funding award is testament to the success of their cross-institutional partnership, which is facilitated through the Dublin Molecular Medicine Centre (DMMC) and allows for collaborative translational research.

Commenting at the unveiling the Aperio ScanScope system at UCD Conway Institute, Dr Anne Cody, Research Grants Manager, HRB said, 'Translational research is a priority at the Health Research Board. And this new equipment will increase the potential to get results quickly and will help improve diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of patients. We are pleased that this unique piece of equipment will also be offered to national and international users to maximise use - this will benefit even more patients.'

"This piece of equipment is set to revolutionise translational research at UCD Conway and at Beaumont Hospital", said Dr Amanda McCann of the UCD Conway Institute. "The benefits of the Aperio ScanScope system will be widespread, aiding the work of a host of research teams and a variety of research topics. We are very excited to be able to house the Republic of Ireland's only Aperio ScanScope system here at UCD Conway Institute and are certain that it will benefit the many research teams nationwide and from the UK who have already expressed interest in using the equipment to process their data”.

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