Campus Companies and Entrepreneurs

NovaUCD now has a proven track record in supporting entrepreneurs and start-up companies from the early feasibility stage through to business development, growth and investment. 

NovaUCD provides entrepreneurs and knowledge-based start-up companies with a comprehensive business support programme comprising advice, seminars, one-to-one consultancy, workshops and individual training. This business support programme is provided with assistance from NovaUCD's sponsors and network of contacts.

NovaUCD's External Deck

As an incubation facility NovaUCD contains 45 incubation units ranging in size from 15sq.m. to 64sq.m. and 7 bio-incubation or 'wet-lab' units available to accommodate biotechnology companies .

NovaUCD also contains 14 desk spaces for people who are at the pre-incorporation stage of forming a company to enable them to undertake feasibility studies.

For further information on how NovaUCD can assist you in entrepreneurship and the development of spin-out companies please contact

Helen Mc Grath
Operations Manager
t: +353-1-716 3711

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