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InterTradeIreland 2010 Innovation Conference - Day 2 Researcher Presentations


Day 2 of the conference focused on Creating Innovation Communities. It brought together researchers from around Ireland and internationally who explored and examined current research, via a series of presentations, on the topic of innovation networks including the role that multi-national companies have to play in innovation networks. 

The titles of the presentations delivered were as follows:

Academic Entrepreneurship: Roles and Activities of Principal Investigators of Publicly Funded Research, Dr James Cunningham, Centre for Innovation & Structural Change, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Network Centrality and Firm Innovation: A Social Network Analysis of the Monaghan Furniture Industry, Judith McKnight, School of Management, Queen’s University Belfast.

Understanding Innovation within University-Industry Knowledge Networks, Dr Lawrence Dooley, Department of Management and Marketing, University College Cork.

Enhancing the Innovativeness of EU Food SMEs Through the Management of Strategic Network Behaviour and Network Learning Performance, Dr Maeve Henchion, Food Market Research Unit, Teagasc

Systematic Reviews: Their Emerging Role in Co-creating Strategic Links for Innovation, Patricia McHugh, Centre for Innovation & Structural Change, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Role of MNEs in Irish Innovation Networks, Professor Petra Ahrweiler, Innovation Research Unit, University College Dublin.

MNCs Between the Local and the Global: Knowledge Bases, Proximity and Distributed Knowledge Networks, Professor Bjorn Asheim, CIRCLE, Lund University and Bernd Ebersberger, Management Centre, Innsbruck.

The Role of MNCs in Knowledge Accumulation, Absorption and Utilisation in Indigenous Irish Firms: A Case Study of The Galway Medical Technology Cluster, Dr Satyasiba Das, Centre for Innovation & Structural Change, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Local Entrepreneurs in Global Clusters: The Significance of Spatial and Relational Propinquity in New Firm Formation, Dr Majella Giblin, Centre for Innovation & Structural Change, National University of Ireland, Galway.

Academic Reflections and Future Challenges in Building Collaborative Networks in the Pharma Industry, Peter Robbins, The Innovation Foundation, NovaUCD.

Each of the above presentations are available as follows:

pdf James_Cunningham_NUI_Galway (720 kbs)

pdf Judith_McKnight_QUB (757 kbs)

pdf Lawrence_Dooley_UCC (614 kbs)

pdf Maeve_Henchion_Teagasc (306 kbs)

pdf Patricia_Mc_Hugh_NUI_Galway (639 kbs)

pdf B_Asheim_B_Ebersberger (1,250 kbs)

pdf Petra_Ahrweiler_UCD (3,570 kbs)

pdf S_Das_NUI_Galway (819 kbs)

pdf Majella_Giblin_NUI_Galway (348 kbs)

pdf Peter_Robbins_Innovation_Foundation (4,193 kbs)