Media Centre

The primary focus of NovaUCD’s communication strategies and programmes is to support the implementation of NovaUCD’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. NovaUCD is committed to communicating the activities, achievements, functions and services of NovaUCD and the successes of its client companies to opinion-formers within and outside of the university and to a wider general public.

NovaUCD issues regular press releases relating to client companies and relating to NovaUCD activities and events. A quarterly newsletter and an annual report are also issued by NovaUCD and are also available online.

Given the dramatic growth in the use of social media, NovaUCD has embraced social media as a means of enhancing communications with its stakeholders.

You can follow NovaUCD on Twitter (@NovaUCD).

NovaUCD has also established a LinkedIn Group. The purpose of the NovaUCD LinkedIn Group is to connect members of NovaUCD's community which includes entrepreneurs, innovators, UCD academic and researcher staff, students, the NovaUCD network of professional contacts, along with any individual who is based or has been based at NovaUCD or who is otherwise linked with NovaUCD or anyone who would like to become involved with NovaUCD.

NovaUCD'S technology transfer team maintains an intellectual property blog which highlights UCD intellectual property that is currently available for licensing along with currently available business development opportunities.

All communications, marketing and media enquiries relating to NovaUCD or NovaUCD client companies should be directed to:

Micéal Whelan
t: + 353 1 716 3712
twitter: @NovaUCD