UCD Licensing Opportunities

The level of research at UCD has increased significantly in recent years. During 2009/10 UCD was awarded €50 million (including overheads) in funding from state agencies, charities, industry and other commercial organisations. Many of the recently funded projects are now at a stage where intellectual property with commercial potential is becoming a reality.

UCD licensing opportunities currently available include:

pdf A Method for the Transformation of Plant Cells (91 kbs)

UCD and Teagasc are seeking partners within the ag-biotech industry to further develop a novel method of transforming plant cells with a view to licensing.

pdf A Microwaveable Tasty and Healthy Cheese Product (131 kbs)

Development of a proprietary formulation and method for producing a cheese product with enhanced organoleptic properties such as taste and mouthfeel.

pdf A Platform Technology - Assessing the Action of Molecular Targeted Drug Treatments (117 kbs)

Development of a tumour explant model which can examine the response of different molecular targeted drugs ex vivo.

pdf Amyloid and Amyloid-like Structures as Mechanically Functional Biomaterials (125 kbs)

Development of adhesives that optimise the use of nanoscale structural properties of amyloid fibrils to produce natural adhesives with properties tailored for environmental success.

pdf Biofilm Control in a Membrane Bioreactor (108 kbs)

The new technology relates to a process and apparatus for optimising the operation of membrane erated biofilm reactors.

pdf Biomarkers for Early Detection of Cardiac Disease (115 kbs)

The invention provides a selection of novel markers for prognosis and diagnosis of early ventricular dysfunction, heart failure and other cardiovascular indications.

pdf Digital pre-Distortion for RF Power Amplifier for Wireless Communication (118 kbs)

Derived from the dynamic deviation reduction-based Volterra series this design allows for compensation of both nonlinear distortion and memory effects induced by RF power amplifiers (PA) in wireless transmitters.

pdf Fibrosuppressant (115 kbs)

A novel therapeutic target for fibrotic disorders.

pdf Generation of an Improved Biocatalyst (114 kbs)

An improved enzyme for the biocatalytic synthesis of compounds such as styrene oxide, indene oxide and the widely used dye indigo.

pdf High-Rate LDPC Codes for Data Storage Applications (127 kbs)

Correcting for errors in digital data transmission is a key challenge in the error-tolerant communication and digital storage technologies. Based on an idea from finite geometry, this structured LDPC code has a Tanner graph of large girth, enabling superior error suppressing performance at high S/N ratio compared to currently available error-correcting schemes.

pdf Lower Power Imaging (LPI) - NMR (249 kbs)

A new small flip-angle NMR technique based on continuous wavelets excitation has been developed and validated in the laboratory. The new scheme results in extremely low power excitation levels, and signal amplitudes close to those obtained with traditional pulsed FT NMR.

pdf Magnetophoretic Bionanosensor Technology (410 kbs)

A magnetophoretic separation platform technology for use in point-of-care diagnostic, stem cell separation and other applications.

pdf Markers for Disease Management and Drug Adherence (109 kbs)

Technology has been developed to remotely monitor and diagnose Asthma, Schizophrenia, Vocal Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis using biomarkers.

pdf Methods for Producing Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) (108 kbs)

A new platform technology has been developed for recycling petrochemical plastic waste material with the production of valuable PHA polymers that have a broad range of applications and which are completely biodegradable.

pdf Methylation Biomarkers for Melanoma (109 kbs)

A panel of novel biomarkers for the diagnosis of melanoma has been identified. The markers can be used to determine tumor progression.

pdf Mucoadhesive and Bioadhesive Polymers (129 kbs)

The invention describes a method of augmenting the epithelial mucosal barrier with a topical composition of synthetic polymers based on poly (methacrylate)s that adhere to cells (bioadhesion) and/or mucosal gels (mucoadhesion).

pdf Noval Anti-fungal Bacterial Strains (110 kbs)

Four novel bacterial strains with demonstrated anti-fungal properties have been isolated and characterised. The strains promise to be effective bio-control agents for the treatment of crops to alleviate the detrimental effects of blight and head blight disease.

pdf Novel Image Analysis (128 kbs)

This novel, fully automated image analysis system uses a non-supervised approach for the accurate quantification of nuclear biomarkers.

pdf Novel Modulators of Fertility (128 kbs)

A set of novel genes has been found to be associated with the development of bovine ovarian follicles. The genes were identified in micro array studies examining ovarian cells of dominant and subordinate follicles.

pdf Novel Vaccine for Protection of Liver Fluke (130 kbs)

This vaccine is based on a recombinant antigen expressed by cDNA, which encodes for a proteolytic enzyme secreted by the liver fluke parasite.

pdf Power Composer (109 kbs)

Power composer is a plug-in tool for the standard Texas Instruments Software Development Kit that predicts the power consumption of a DSP processor based on an analysis of the application software.

pdf Power Saving Enhanced IEEE 802.15.4 for Better Networking Performance (71 kbs)

This technology implements an enhanced IEEE 802.15.4 Beacon-Enabled mode. The mode significantly reduces the power consumption of data transmission for low data rate applications.

pdf Promoter sequences for expression from human cells (114 kbs)

The invention provides a selection of modified promoter sequences allowing for high, medium or low expression of recombinant protein in human cell lines.

pdf Proteomic Profiling of p21-Mediated Anti-apoptotic and Mitogenic Paracrine Effects (130 kbs)

Proteomic profiling of p21-mediated anti-apoptotic and mitogenic paracrine effects identified candidate proteins to act as (i) A prognostic/diagnostic tool during cancer treatment and (ii) potential targets to enhance the efficacy of current cancer therapies.

pdf Quantitative Image Analysis at a Subcellular Level (619 kbs)

This novel, fully automated image analysis system uses a non-supervised approach for the accurate quantification of nuclear, cytoplasmic and membranous biomarkers.

pdf Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Animal and Human Parasitic Diseases (130 kbs)

Two immunoassays have been developed for detection of Fasciolosis.

pdf RECAP (114 kbs)

The RECAP technique dynamically re-assigns the aggregation point (AP), which is the central node responsible for collecting the data in multihop wireless sensor networks, in order to reduce the energy consumption and to prolong the battery lifetime of the sensor nodes.

pdf Repositioned Therapeutic for Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (118 kbs)

Repositioned therapeutic for diseases associated with the demyelination of the central or peripheral nervous system such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

pdf The Serendipity Engine (110 kbs)

The serendipity engine is a comparison based e-commerce platform.

pdf Treatment of Prion Diseases (129 kbs)

This invention relates to a compound that potentially may be used in the treatment of prion diseases.

pdf ufxDesign Fixed Point Development Tools (108 kbs)

ufxDesign Fixed-Point Development Tools accelerate and simplify implementation of fixed-point DSP systems, allowing accurate measurement of signal quality on target fixed-point platforms.

pdf Wearable Posture Sensor (127 kbs)

A truly novel wearable sensor has been developed that accurately measures spinal posture without affecting the user’s work performance.


For any additional information on the above opportunities please contact:

Dr Ciaran O'Beirne
Manager, Technology Transfer
t: + 353 1 716 3713
e: ciaran.obeirne@ucd