Why Locate at NovaUCD

Accelerate your start-up business by joining NovaUCD’s successful and thriving community of entrepreneurs.

NovaUCD is located in a magnificent mid-18th century house formerly known as Merville House. NovaUCD is a purpose-built state-of-the-art incubation facility which was designed specifically to facilitate the development of a community of entrepreneurs.

The concept for the innovation and technology transfer centre was to restore the original house as the centrepiece of a complex of subsidiary buildings that surround it. The buildings are bright, airy and open with high-quality shared and circulation spaces that encourage the formal and informal interactions necessary for the development of a community of entrepreneurs.

As an incubation facility NovaUCD provides entrepreneurs with a range of occupancy options; desk space, business units and bio-incubation units.

Advantages for entrepreneurs in locating at NovaUCD:

A NovaUCD Incubation Unit

A NovaUCD bio-incubation unit


A NovaUCD Meeting Room

NovaUCD Café

For further information contact:

Helen Mc Grath
Operations Manager
t: +353-1-716-3711
e: helen.mcgrath@ucd.ie