Prof Cert Digital Information Management

The study of Digital Information Management combines the core of the information professions (the organisation of information resources, management, and systems analysis) along with subject-specific competencies such as data management, digital preservation, and data/digital repositories. We will prepare professionals to work with information creators in organisations and institutions that manage “born digital” items as well as paper documents that have been digitised.

Who is this course for?

The professional certificate is ideal for professionals who want to gain specialist knowledge in digital information management to augment previous graduate or undergraduate level work.  If you are tasked with managing digital information in your day to day work, such as managing digital files and photos over time, this programme is for you.

This Professional Certificate Digital Information Management is for people interested in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and in tackling the challenging issues associated with the maintenance of digital information. The programme will provide graduates with increased opportunities for employment in data management across many sectors.


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Julianne Royal, Senior Library Assistant

The Professional Certificate in Digital Information Management provided me with a fantastic opportunity to undertake continual professional development in a subject that is becoming increasingly relevant to the working life of the information professional.

Julianne Royal, Senior Library Assistant

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