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Hosting the Workshop

Apply to host the Workshop

The OpenFOAM Workshops are organised by the OpenFOAM community, and can be hosted by any active member willing to do it. The next workshop open for applications is 2023 (you can also apply for a 2024 or after).

Applications shall be submitted to the OpenFOAM Workshop Committee Secretary (hakan.nilsson@chalmers.se) by close of business on 30th April 2021.

Moreover, individuals applying as local organiser for an OpenFOAM Workshop shall ideally:

  • Belong to a university or institution of international renown and reputation within the OpenFOAM community,
  • Know the Workshop’s format in detail, e.g., a representative having attended the workshop, interacted with the Workshop Committee, and having chaired at least one workshop session,
  • Have demonstrable merit within the OpenFOAM community, e.g. by substantial contributions to its code base or by organisation of local / national community events or alike,
  • Provide a presentation of the application at the annual Committee Meeting at the OpenFOAM Workshop (max. 20 minutes). The presentation must include proposed dates, venue (that should be available at the time of the presentation), and a statement why the location is suitable for a workshop (e.g. strong user community – with examples).

However, exceptions can be made to the above requirements, so please enquire.

Hosting the Workshop

The elected local organiser is responsible for:

  • Organising the workshop in the spirit of the OpenFOAM Workshop series, as an open and friendly non-profit event. The local organiser is aware that the Workshop Committee is neither legally nor economically responsible to the organisation of the workshop.
  • Marketing the workshop, taking help from the Workshop Committee.
  • Assure, with the support of the Workshop Committee members, the quality of the contributions accepted for presentation at the Workshop.
  • Setting up the framework for the workshop homepage 10 months before the event.
  • Providing a Workshop Committee Page at the workshop homepage, for inviting future hosts and informing about the committee and workshop. It should be easy for the Secretary to make sure that the Workshop Committee Page is kept updated.
  • Linking to the archived previous workshop homepages, at the workshop homepage.
  • Calling for at least two online Committee Meetings, to report the status of the planning and organisation of the workshop.
  • Planning, organising and calling for the annual Committee Meeting at the workshop.
  • Assisting the Technical Group in the archiving of the workshop homepage.

16th OpenFOAM Workshop 2021

Room 211, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 1888 | Location Map