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Splash Talks

Splash Talks

Format and Topics

Following on from their first appearance at OFW12 in Exeter, this years Workshop will continue the tradition of "Splash Talks". This “feature” aims to get contributions from the community that do not fit the other formats (regular presentations, posters, training lectures). Splash Talks are 3 minutes in duration with a limited number of slides. The aim of this format is to let people introduce themselves and a topic that they care about and get people who are interested to approach them about it.

Possible topics for a Splash Talks could be (this is not a complete list):

  • A tool related to OpenFOAM that was developed
  • A project related to OpenFOAM that someone is looking for collaborators for
  • A toy project (“I simulated my coffee machine”)
  • Someone wants to show the world a (possibly provocative) topic
  • Hints for using OpenFOAM that people want to share with the world

At the 2020 Workshop topics of the Splash Talks ranged from 'k Dissipation-Diffusion Based Subgrid Scale Model' (serious science as you can tell from the title) to 'Hammer to Fall' (an investigation of the aerodynamic properties of the different hammers the fictional character Thor uses in the different Avengers movies). But there were also technology talks like 'A simple WebGUI for OpenFOAM' and talks about on-going research like 'COVID Risks for Urban Buses'.

Please do not make your Splash Talk a duplicate of your regular presentation.

On the final day of the workshop (Friday, 11th June 2021) there will be a half hour slot for Splash Talks. During these slots there will be no “competition” from other presentations so this is a good chance to address the entire conference. The time will be limited to 3 minutes so make sure that you can do the presentation in that time. There will be no time for questions directly after the talk but the audience are encouraged to reach out to spealers later during the Workshop.

How to Apply

If you would like to give a Splash Talk, send an email to the MC who will be Bernhard Gschaider (mail: bgschaid@hfd-research.com). This email should contain:

  • Your name
  • A one sentence title
  • A short one paragraph abstract.

Make sure that the email has at least the Word “Splash” in the Subject-line. This allows filtering and you application will not be lost. There is a limited number of slots so send your application as soon as possible. You will get an acceptance notification at least one week before the Workshop (this should give you you more than enough time to write ~5 slides). If your Splash Talk was not accepted, then approach Bernhard during the Workshop though the online platform.

Looking forward to your Splash Talk. And don’t be timid: this is exactly the place for the things you didn’t think that they were worthy of a full technical presentation

16th OpenFOAM Workshop 2021

Room 211, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
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