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Technical Programme

Technical Programme

The agenda is available on the online platform: Virtual Attendee Portal (available until 31st December 2021). In addition, the "agenda-at-a-glance" and detailed agenda are given below



An overview of the agenda-at-a-glance is given below. The list of training sessions to be delivered are given on the Training Schedule page, as well as on the online platform: .

Tuesday, 8th June 2021

12:00-17:00 UTC+1


Parallel Technical Session I

Keynote I

Parallel Training Session I

Keynote II

Parallel Technical Session II

Wednesday, 9th June 2021

12:00-17:00 UTC+1

Parallel Training Session II

Poster Session

Parallel Technical Session III

Keynote III

Parallel Technical Session IV

Thursday, 10th June 2021

12:00-17:00 UTC+1

Parallel Technical Session V

Keynote IV

Parallel Training Session III

Networking Session

Parallel Technical Session VI

Friday, 11th June 2021

12:00-17:00 UTC+1

Parallel Training Session IV

Keynote V

Parallel Technical Session VII

Splash Talks

Parallel Technical Session VIII



Detailed Agenda

 Note: the table below can be scrolled in the horizontal direction.

Monday 8 June 2021      
Yuxiang Zhang A 3D Numerical Study On The Aerodynamic Performance Of A Bridge Deck Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy I
Jiahao Wei Cfd Method For The Relationship Between The Radius Size Of Impellers And Cross-Sectional Average Velocity Of Flow In An Oxidation Ditch Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy I
Salvatore Manuel Renda An Efficient Framework For Pedestrian Wind Comfort Assessment Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy I
Jan Van Gorsel Numerical Investigation Of Breaking And Broken Regular Wave Forces On A Shoal-Mounted Cylinder Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy I
Benedetto Di Paolo Cfd Coupling Methodology For Realistic Coastal Engineering Applications Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics I
Iago Oliveira Semicoupled Numerical Strategy To Solve Large-Strain Motion Of Incompressible Hyperelastic Materials Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics I
Saber Mohammadi Fluid-Structure Interaction On A Fixed Fan Blade Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics I
Luka Balatinec Analysis Of Lubricated Point Contacts Using The Finite Area Method Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics I
Tom Weier Convection In Liquid Metal Batteries - Comparing Results From Openfoam, Semtex And Sfemans Heat & Mass Transfer I
Danny Dreelan Meso-Scale Solidification Models For Metallic Additive Manufacturing Processes Heat & Mass Transfer I
Tom Flint Magneto-Thermal-Hydrodynamics Of Low Temperature Plasmas For Advanced Manufacturing Applications Heat & Mass Transfer I
Mirco Magnini Direct Numerical Simulations Of Boiling Flows In Microchannels Heat & Mass Transfer I
Matvey Kraposhin Qgdsolver – The Openfoam-Based Framework For Numerical Modelling Of Transient Gas And Liquid Flows Using Regularized Equations Numerics, Efficiency and Software I
Aleksandr Ivanov Development Of The New Openfoam Solver For Shallow Water Simulation Using Qgd/Qhd Library Numerics, Efficiency and Software I
Thanh Tri Nguyen A Green Computing Solution For Computational Fluid Dynamics Numerics, Efficiency and Software I
Tom James How We Made Our Build Ten Times Faster Numerics, Efficiency and Software I
Hrvoje Jasak OpenFOAM: year in review Keynote
Bernhard Gschaider Basic Training For Swak4Foam And Pyfoam  
Dan Lipsa Basic Training On Using Paraview To Visualise Openfoam Cases  
Jozsef Nagy How To Run Your First Simulation In Openfoam And Run It Also With Snappyhexmesh  
Kevin Nolan Using Blender To Visualise Openfoam Cases    
Andre Weiner Machine Learning-Aided Cfd With Openfoam And Pytorch  
Natalie Germann OpenFOAM framework for mixtures with partially miscible components Keynote
Norbert Weber Local Short Circuits In Liquid Metal Batteries - Influence Of The Contact Angle On The Droplet Movement In Vof-Simulations Multiphase I
Dragana Dimitrijevic Modelling Of Liquid-Liquid Separation In A Centrifugal Device Using The Euler-Euler Multiphase Solver Twophaseeulerfoam Multiphase I
Daniel Deising A Drift-Flux-Based Method For Wastewater Treatment Applications Multiphase I
Ehsan Mahravan Shock Interface Interaction Simulation Using Compressible-Compressible Ghost Fluid Method Solver Developed In Foam-Extend Compressible Flows I
Oliver Oxtoby Generalised Internal Boundaries Applied To High-Speed Compressible Flow Compressible Flows I
Jozsef Nagy Fluid-Structure-Interaction Simulations In Openfoam With Hyperelastic Material Models For Aneurysm Modeling Biomechanics
Changyong Li Cfd Studies Of The Dynamics In Gastric Contents Induced By Human-Stomach Motility Biomechanics
Sina Samarbakhsh Study Of The Unsteady Loading And Turbulence In The Wake Of Ship With And Without Energy Saving Device Using Hybrid Rans-Les Model Turbulence Modeling
Naina Pisharoti Prediction Of Cross-Flow Transition Using Gamma Transition Model Coupled With Reynolds Stress Transport Turbulence Model Turbulence Modeling
Mário Tomé Numerical Investigation Of The Turbulent Flow Field In Confined Impinging Jets Turbulence Modeling
Tuesday 9 June 2021      
Bernhard Gschaider Advanced Training For Swak4Foam And Pyfoam Training
Paolo Geremia An Introduction To Process Automation And Multi-Physics Simulation With Helyx Training
Håkan Nilsson Rotating Machinery Training
Henrik Rusche How To Add A Transport Equation To Scalartransportfoam Training
Aleksandr Ivanov Incompressible Flow Simulation Using Regularized Hydrodynamics Equations In Openfoam V2012 Training
Maricruz Hernandez Cfd Study Of De Laval Nozzle - Cold Spray Process Applications Poster
Hugh Irving An External Cfd Study Of The Hyend N2Orth Rocket Poster
Simon Rodriguez A Novel Elastoplastic Material Model Based On Machine Learning For Finite Volume Solvers Poster
Seevani Bali Tailoring The Geometrically-Exact Finite Volume Beam Solver To
Model Polygonal Wire Cross-Section Geometries
Scott Levie Novel Fluid-Solid Interactions Techniques Based On Machine Learning Poster
Ivan Batistic Towards Implicit Implementation Of Penalty Based Contact Boundary Condition Poster
Manimaran Renganathan Numerical Investigation Of Exhaust Gas Transport In Vortex Tube Using Rhosimplefoam Poster
Eden Furtak-Cole Momentum Extraction By Porous Forms From Boundary Layer Flows Poster
Maria Chame Investigating The Scalability Of Openfoam And Decomposition Strategies Poster
Ninad Mavani Linear Stability Analysis Of Boundary Layer Flow Using Openfoam Poster
Ana Isabel Roriz Ai Driven Models
To Predict The Drag Coefficient Of A Sphere Translating
In Shear-Thinning Viscoelastic Fluids
Carina Loiro Digital-Twin For Particle-Laden Viscoelastic Fluids: Deep Learning To Predict The Drag Coefficient
Of Random Arrays Of Spheres
Michael Clancy Democratisation Of Openfoam Simulations For The Metal Forming Industry Poster
Heba Alkafri Further Developments Of A Finite Volume Based Ale Interface Tracking Method Poster
Ravi Kant Linear Stability Analysis Of Plane Poiseuille Flow Using Openfoam Poster
Anirudh Kulkarni Hydrodynamic And Thermal Characteristics Of Flow Past A 2D And 3D Porous Square Cylinder At Moderate Reynolds Numbers Poster
Rita Carvalho Numerical Study Of The Flow Transition In A Sewer Between Manholes Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy II
Licheng Zhu Validation Of A 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Model And Wind Tunnel Test Results For The Queensferry Crossing: Mesh Sensitivity And Domain Study Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy II
Javier Lara Extension Of The Overset Mesh Method For Modelling Geophysical Flows And Maritime Applications Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy II
Rita Carvalho Numerical Study Of The Flow Into A Pool Induced By A Vertical Jet Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy II
Gabriel St-Onge A Multiphysics Object-Oriented Solver For Fluid-Structure-Thermal Interaction Simulations Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics II
Martin Šourek Development Of Cfd-Dem Coupled Solver For Arbitrarily-Shaped Particle-Laden Flows Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics II
Pavel Gruber Consistency Between Average Cell Stresses And Neumann Boundary Conditions In Solid Mechanics Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics II
Tom Flint Numerical Modelling Approaches For Simulating Powder Bed Fusion Processes Heat & Mass Transfer II
Robert Keser Eulerian Multi-Fluid Model For Evaporating Liquid Sprays Heat & Mass Transfer II
Gowthaman Parivendhan Numerical Modelling Of Melt Pool Hydrodynamics And Shrinkage Of Solidified Tracks In Powder Bed Fusion Processes Heat & Mass Transfer II
Domenico Lahaye Turbulent Non-Premixed Combustion In Single Heating Section Of An Anode Baking Ring Furnace Heat & Mass Transfer II
Shannon Leakey Developing A Godunov-Type Scheme For The Variable-Density Artificial-Compressibility Equations Numerics, Efficiency and Software II
Joel Guerrero A Benchmarking And Comparative Study Of Different Linear Solvers And Preconditioners In Openfoam, Petsc, And Flubio Numerics, Efficiency and Software II
Ilya Popov Optimizing Cfd Code For Memory Locality Numerics, Efficiency and Software II
Andrew Jackson Improvements To Low Y+ Mesh Generation In Helyx Numerics, Efficiency and Software II
Deborah Greaves The Collaborative Computational Project in Wave Structure Interaction (CCP-WSI) Keynote
Miguel Zavala An In-Situ Characterization Of Coherent Structures In Two-Phase Flow Simulations Multiphase II
Tobias Tolle Initialization Of Volume Fractions And Signed Distances On Unstructured Meshes From Triangulated
Multiphase II
Federico Municchi On The Solution Of The Cahn-Hilliard Equation In Openfoam: Coupled And Segregated Algorithms Multiphase II
Rui César Silva Shear Stress Characterization In The
Pneumatic Atomization Of Biologics Using Cfd
Compressible Flows II
Cagri Metin Influence Of Shock On Rae2822 Transonic Airfoil Using Hisa Library In Openfoam Compressible Flows II
Patrick Höhn Simulation Of Particle Transport In Viscoplastic Fluids Particles, Droplets and Bubbles I
Josh Williams Implementing A Langevin-Type Turbulent Dispersion Model For Dilute Particle-Laden Flows Particles, Droplets and Bubbles I
Jelena Macak Extension Of P1 Radiation Model To Particle-Fluid Flows Particles, Droplets and Bubbles I
Célio Fernandes Cfd-Dem Modeling Of Particle-Laden Viscoelastic Flows In Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Particles, Droplets and Bubbles I
Paolo Geremia A New Free-Surface Adaptive Grid Refinement Method For Marine Applications Naval Hydrodynamic I
Ruben Paredes Numerical Assessment Of The Sonar Dome Added Resistance For An Oceanographic Research Vessel Using Full-Scale Simulations Naval Hydrodynamic I
Changchang Wang A Pressure-Based Compressible Multiphase Cavitation Solver In The Openfoam Framework Naval Hydrodynamic I
Inno Gatin Comparison Of Vof And Level Set Methods For Simulating Ship Self–Propulsion In Full Scale Naval Hydrodynamic I
Wednesday 10 June 2021      
Rathan Babu Athota An Openfoam Set-Up For Simulating Thermal Winds In Mountain/Valley Configurations Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy III
Pedro Brito Cfd Study On Irwin Probe Flows Using Openfoam Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy III
Francisco Jimenez Simulation Of An Electrohydraulic Discharge For Sand Remediation Applications Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy III
Anna Feichtner Wave Interaction Of A Tension-Leg Offshore Wind Turbine Platform With A Perforated Outer Cylinder Represented By Porous Media Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy III
Qianze Zhuang Performance Assessment Of A Floating Platform Surrounded By Elastic Ice Plates Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics III
Pal Schmitt Neptun’S Spaghetti – Bending Actuator Line Models Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics III
Decheng Wan Numerical Study On Vortex-Induced Vibration Suppression Of A Flexible Tensioned Riser With Spanwise Grooves Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics III
Andrew Whelan Implementation Of Damage Mechanics And Fracture Models In Openfoam Fluid-Structure Interaction and Solid Mechanics III
Muhammad Asad Yamin 3D Thermal Analysis Of Footwear With Open Source Software, Openfoam Heat & Mass Transfer III
Kaspars Dadzis Coupled 3D Calculation Of Fluid Flow, Heat And Mass Transport,
And Phase Boundary Shape For Crystal Growth Processes
Heat & Mass Transfer III
Henrik Barestrand Modeling Convective Heat Transfer Of Air In A Data Center Using Openfoam - Evaluation Of The Boussinesq Buoyancy Approximation Heat & Mass Transfer III
Sai Darbha Characterization Of Internal Flow In Cavitating Fuel Injector Nozzles Heat & Mass Transfer III
Helene Wittenberg Transient Two-Way Molecular-Continuum Coupling With Openfoam And Mamico: A Sensitivity Study Numerics, Efficiency and Software III
Fran Delic Performance Of The Schnerr-Sauer Cavitation Model With A Discussion Of Conditions Relevant For
Numerics, Efficiency and Software III
Johannes Ganzmann Study Of The Overset Approach For Simulating Cycloidal Rotors And
Comparison To Other Rigid Mesh Motion Approaches
Numerics, Efficiency and Software III
Federic Dias Recent Progress In The Evaluation Of Impact Pressures Keynote
Gavin Tabor The Cli & Run-Time Post-Processing In Openfoam  
Thanh Tri Nguyen How To Run Your Openfoam Simulation On Qarnot'S Cloud-Computing Platform To Reduce Its Carbon Footprint  
Dan Lipsa Advanced Training On Using Paraview To Visualise Openfoam Cases  
Hrvoje Jasak Finite Volume Discretisation  
Jeff Heylmun Blastfoam: A Solver For Highly Compressible, Multi-Phase Reacting Flows, Including High-Explosive Detonation  
Muhammed Najvan Effect Of Different Linear Algebra Solvers And Dynamic Mesh Motion
Strategies On The Flow-Field Of A Pitching Foil
Ling Qian On The Performance Of Openfoam Overset Mesh Solver For Modelling Offshore Wind Turbine Rotor Aerodynamics Aerodynamics
Mário Tomé Atmospheric Boundarylayer (Abl) Versus Surface Layer (Sl) Equilibrium Physics: Review And Cfd Investigation For Consistent Horizontally Homogeneous For Pressure Or Shear Driven Flows Aerodynamics
Luis Fernando Garcia Rodriguez Topology Optimization Of Incompressible Turbulent Flow Considering The Continuous Adjoint Method Optimisation, Control and Machine Learning I
Ophir Maor The Effect Of Hdr Infiniband And In-Network Computing On Openfoam Simulations Optimisation, Control and Machine Learning I
Emad Tandis Unsupervised Learning Of Numerical Solution In Linear Elastic Solver Optimisation, Control and Machine Learning I
Sahin Yigit An Open Source Shape Optimization Process For Aerospace Applications Optimisation, Control and Machine Learning II
Farzad Farajidizaji Bubble Plume Application In Water Oxygenation Using Developed Mppicfoam Particles, Droplets and Bubbles II
Sergey Lesnik Influence Of Bubble Size Distribution On Acoustically Cavitating Flows Particles, Droplets and Bubbles II
Silvio Schmalfuß Modelling Of Droplet Formation And Growth In The Turbulent Moist-Air Wind Tunnel Lacis-T Particles, Droplets and Bubbles II
Saeed Salehi Simulation Of Kaplan Turbine Transients: A Novel Openfoam Framework Turbomachinery
Tessa Uroić Cfd Simulation Of Off-Design Operating Points Of A Centrifugal Compressor Turbomachinery
Jonathan Fahlbeck Numerical Simulations Of Counter-Rotating Pump-Turbine With A New Head-Loss Pressure Boundary Condition Turbomachinery
Georgios Karpouzas Rapid Performance Assessment Of Periodic Turbo-Machines Under Incompressible Flow Conditions Turbomachinery
Thursday 11 June 2021      
Jousef Murad Introduction To Cloud-Based Simulation With Simscale Training
Joel Guerrero Performing Optimisation Using Dakota And Openfoam Training
Gerasimos Chourdakis Flexible & Efficient Multiphysics Simulations With The Coupling Library Precice Training
Chris Sideroff Meshing Best Practices For Openfoam With Pointwise Training
Andrey Epikhin Compressible Flow Simulation Using Quasi-Gas Dynamic Equations In Openfoam V2012 Training
Fred Mendonca Return To Work Imperative: Working For The Benefit Of Our Community In Particular And Society In General Keynote
Johan Roenby An Update On The Latest Developments Of The Isoadvector Geometric Vof Method In Openfoam Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy IV
Fedor Misiura Tracking The Electrode-Electrolyte Interface In Liquid Metal Batteries Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy IV
Gary Littler Devloping Seabed Scour Asessment And Prediction Tools Using Computational Fluid Dynamics Modelling (Demo) Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy IV
Decheng Wan Numerical Study On Coupled Aeroelastic Performance Of Wind Turbines Considering Blade Deformation Civil Engineering & Renewable Energy IV
Robert Anderluh Like Openfoam, But In Python Optimisation, Control and Machine Learning II
Nikolaos Kyriazis Large Doe Of Vehicle Simulations For Ai Training Optimisation, Control and Machine Learning II
Norbert Weber Open-Source Pem Fuel Cell Model Combining The Unsaturated Flow Theory For Porous Media With Springer’S Model Porous Media
Ranjith Khumar Shanmugasundaram Numerical Modelling Of Liquefaction Around Marine Structures Porous Media
Denis Maier Poromechanicalfoam – A Toolbox-Extension For Flow Deformation Analysis In Variably
Saturated Porous Media
Porous Media
Lionel Gamet Tri-Periodic Fixed Beds Of Spherical Particles Porous Media
Bulut Tekgül A Dynamic Load Balancing Model With Analytical Jacobian For Fast Combustion Simulations In Openfoam Reacting Flows
Chen Huang Modelling Of Vented Corn Starch Dust Explosion Using Openfoam Reacting Flows
Henrik Rusche Lowering The Obstacles For Smes To Adopt Multi-Physics Biomass Furnace Simulations By Providing A Cloud Based Solution Reacting Flows
Ashish Vashishtha Numerical Simulation Of Hydrogen Injection In High-Speed Crossflow Reacting Flows
Stan Posey Openfoam Developments Towrds A Gpu Release Splash talk
Jozsef Nagy Openfoam In Wsl (Four Years After Exeter) Splash talk
Mustafa Bhotvawala Navigating The Openfoam Source Code With Sourcetrail Splash talk
Chandan Bose Modelling Three-Dimensional Water-Entry/Exit Dynamics Using Overset Mesh-Based Multiphase Fluid-Structure Interaction Solver Splash talk
Ashish Kotwal Mathematical Modeling By Use Of Openfoam For Co2 Capture Process Using Solvents In Post-Combustion Gases Of Fossil Fuel Power Plants Splash talk
Josh Williams Inhalers: Personalising Treatments For All Ages And Diseases Splash talk
Patrick Hohn Monthly Informal Openfoam Meeting Splash talk
Bernhard Gschaider Foam Version In The Shell Prompt Splash talk
Milad Bagheri Development And Validation Of A Phase-Field Method For An Arbitrary Number Of Immiscible Incompressible Fluids Multiphase III
David Barreiro Vof-Les Simulation Of The Jet Wiping Process: Validation And Multiscale Modal Analysis Multiphase III
Francisco Bodziony Do Liquid Drops Roll Or Slide On Inclined Surfaces? – Detailed Analysis Using A Diffuse-Interface Phase-Field Method Multiphase III
William Lambert Lagrangian-Based Nonlinear Maneuvering And Seakeeping Parameter Identification Using Openfoam Naval Hydrodynamic II
Youngmin Heo Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations Of Energy-Saving Vortex Ring Thruster Using Coanda Effect Naval Hydrodynamic II
Paulin Ferro Gfmfoam : A Volume Of Fluid And Ghost Fluid Method Solver For Incompressible Free Surface Flow Naval Hydrodynamic II

16th OpenFOAM Workshop 2021

Room 211, School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
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