• SFI (Science Foundation Ireland): Cyber security of the Power Grid monitoring and Control System;

  • EU TWENTIES: Transmission System Operation with Large Penetration of Wind and Other Renewable Electricity Sources in Networks by means of Innovative Tools and Integrated Energy Solutions;

  • EIRGRID: Adaptation and Optimization of the Power System Restoration Actions;

  • EPRI: Power System Restoration Planning Tool

  • Research grants / contracts sponsored by U.S. National Science Foundation, Department of Defence, Electric Power Research Institute, Power Systems Engineering Research Centre (PSERC), Puget Sound Energy, Bonneville Power Administration, PJM, PECO Energy, Pacific Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas and Electric, AREVA T&D, Mitsubishi Electric (Japan), LS Industrial Systems (Korea), RTE (France), and CESI Research (Italy).

  • Graduated 25 PhD's and 45 MSEE's at the University of Washington and Iowa State University, University College Dublin, 1983 – Present.

  • Supervising 5 PhD’s at Iowa State University, Ames, USA.

  • Supervising 6 PhD students at UCD.

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