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PhD students

Guxing Chen a visiting PhD student from China with Professor Rowland Stout, host for the visit
Current PhD/MLitt Students

Agra, Kelly Louise Rexzy
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: Epistemic Injustice and Philosophy

Athanassiadis, Antoine
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Social Critique in Adorno and Foucault

Beggan, Liam
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Noam Chomsky’s early use of Wilhelm von Humboldt’s Philosophy of Language 

Buholzer, August
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Kant's Theory of Representation

Burakowska, Natalia
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: The Phenomenology of Dementia: An Embodied-Cognitive Account

Campillo Bo, Álvaro
Supervisor: Dragos Calma
Topic: The Latin Legacy of Proclus' Commentary on Euclid

Casellato, Maria Agnese
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Linguistic Reference: Descriptive, Externalism and a Middle Course

Condon, Berniann (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Image Perception

Corlett, Naomi
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: Epistemic and Modal Opens of the Future

De Mattia, Antonio Pio
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: The Persistence of Transcendental Flaw in Philosophy Critical and Self-Reflexive Diskurs as Confutative Method of Inquiry?

Dijker, Lucas
Supervisor: Maria Baghramian
Topic: Trustworthy Expertise: Analysing and Judging Populist and Technocratic Politics

D'Ippolito, Armando
Supervisor: Tim Crowley
Topic: Plato’s Doctrine of Light: Between Mythos and Episteme

Dmuchowska, Marta
Supervisor: Tatjana von Solodkoff
Topic: TBA

Doyle, Andrew
Supervisor: Lisa Foran
Topic: On the Being of the Philosophical Lecture

Dunne, Seamus (MLitt)
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Agents & Agency - The Relationship of Agents to their Motives, Reasons, Intentions and Actions Embodied in the Social World

Dwyer, Austin (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Fred Cummins
Topic: Cognitive Science in Philosophy

Favier, Killian
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Acceleration & Capitalism: temporality of the Anthropocene

Ferns, Samuel
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: Freedom, Knowledge and Power: Reflexive Stage in the Grammars of Critical Social Theory

Filea, Evie
Supervisor: Lisa Foran
Topic: The phenomenological implications & influences of Edward Bond’s theory of theatre

Goksoy, Seckin (MLitt)
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Politics of Animality and Aesthetics

Guardascione, Alessandro
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: Values and Selfhood in Psychopathology: A Phenomenological Account 

Hariri, Muhannad
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Inferential Intuitions: Evil in Kant and Levinas: Combining Insights in a Novel Theory of Moral Imagination

Kaneko, Miho
Supervisor: Tatjana von Solodkoff
Topic: Can a Kind Essentialist Account of Instantiation Explain the Authorial Creation of Fictional Characters?

Kelly, Denise
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: On Being (an Outsider): A Phenomenological Exploration of Social Phobia and Agoraphobia

Kwon, Haikyung
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: Negative Dialectic as a Model for ‘Concrete Thinking’ – Adorno’s Formal Dialectic in Relation to Hegel

Lewis, Thomas
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: The Eternal Return and the Philosophy of the Future

Masterton, Steven
Supervisor: Tim Crowley
Topic: Political Tenets: Virtue, Imperatives & Moral Exemplars

Mellema, Pepa (Ad Astra PhD)
Supervisor: Elmar Unnsteinsson
Topic: The semantics and pragmatics of pejoratives

Modarres, Benjamin
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: The Phenmenological Particularity of Poetry

Molinaro, Maria Giulia
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: To What Extent and With What Effects War, Understood as a Contemporary Historical Phenomenon, is Normalised

Nanni, Laura Jane BA, HDip, PGDE, MA
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Thesis Title:  Between Self and Other: The Primacy of Intersubjectivity in Husserl and Honneth

Nuwe Agabah, Patrick
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: Is there a need to liberate basic human rights from the limitations of culture?

Papazian, Meline (PhD in Cognitive Science)
Supervisor: Rowland Stout
Topic: TBA

Phipps, Aisling
Supervisor: Ruth Boeker
Topic: Parallels Between Personal Identity and Morality: The Effects of Identity Disturbance on Developing the Moral System in an Individual with Borderline Personality Disorder

Pret Theodore, Roxane
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: Rethinking Political Organisation from a Feminist Standpoint Politicizing an Ethics of Care and Vulnerability

Pringle, John (MLitt)
Supervisor: Jim O'Shea
Topic: Empirical Method applied to a Problem in Ethics, such as Intuitionism or Mind/Body and Behaviourism

Rogers, John 
Supervisor: Daniel Esmonde Deasy
Topic: Newman and Planting on the Epistemic Status of Religious Belief

Russell, Rachel
Supervisor: Dan Deasey
Topic: Timelessness: Metaphysics and Perception in a Timeless World

Saintemarie, Clémence
Supervisor: Maeve Cooke
Topic: The Aesthetic is Political’: A Critical Phenomenology of Social In/Visibility: Perception, Representation, the Imaginary

Smith, Robert
Supervisor: Markus Schlosser
Topic: The Nonconceptual Epistemological Limit: The Normative- Affective Disposition

Stéphan, Alix
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: The spy as a philosophical figure

Sun, Fanqi
Supervisor: Joseph Cohen
Topic: Nietzsche's Life Philosophy

Vanderkwaak, Matthew
Supervisor: Dragos Calma
Topic: Polytheism and the Liber de Causis

Vitale, Giuseppe
Supervisor: Dragos Calma
Topic: Aliquid Amplius. Berthold of Moosburg's Neoplatonism as going beyond metaphysics

Webber, Grace (MLitt)
Supervisor: Katherine O'Donnell
Topic:Sexistentialism: A Radical Theory of Sexual Politics

Wren, Jonathan
Supervisor: Danielle Petherbridge
Topic: The Political Implications of Freedom and Sharing: From Heidegger to Arendt and Nancy

Xu, Shengwei
Supervisor: Brian O'Connor
Topic: The Free Development of the Individual and All: Sartre and Adorno on Freedom

Recently completed students

Banfi, Luca

Bizra, Rana

Boudin, Andrea

Burns, Tim - Visiting Assistant Professor, Loyola Marymount University (USA)

Cadwell, Stephen

Cosgrave, Bernard

Cherouvis, Stephanos - Research & Development, Ellinogermaniki Agogi (Greece)

Castagnoli, Andrea

Cummins, Hugh

Di Basilio, Giulio

Drumm, Eugene (MLitt)

Doyle, Siobhan - Occasional Lecturer, UCD School of Philosophy

Dolezal, Luna - Lecturer, Philosophy & Medical Humanities, University of Exeter

Dong, Le

Ennis, Paul - Lecturer/Assistant Professor, Management Information Systems, Quinn School of Business, 
                   University College Dublin

Foley, Robert - Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman Institute, University of Western Ontario

Foran, Lisa - Lecturer, UCD School of Philosophy

Gallagher, Michael (MLitt)

Giannankakis, Evangelos

Grünfeld, Martin

Guedj-Cohen, Sacha

Hogan, Sinéad - Lecturer, Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology

Hyland, Sheena - Lecturer in Educational Development, UCD Teaching & Learning, University College Dublin

James, Seferin

Kinsella, Maurice

Kinsella, Michael

Kretzschmar, Sven (MLitt) - Research Fellow in Health Sciences, Protestant University of Applied Sciences Ludwigsburg (Germany) 

Lennon, Damien

Lim, Kimberly (MLitt)

Marini, Simone - Adjunct Assistant Professor, Trinity College Dublin

McGrath, Fionn

McGuire, John -  Marie Curie Global Research Fellow, UCD/McMaster University (Canada)

McHugh, Fergal

Millan, Daniel

Mitchell, Jonathan

Murphy, Christopher

Morris, Conor

Morrissey, Brian

Murphy, Christopher

Newman, Hugo

Nic Eodhasa, Emma

Nicholson, Anna

O'Connor, Andrew (MLitt)

Ó Madagáin, Caoimhín (MLitt)

Petropoulos, Georgios

Ruggeri, Cinzia

Setola, Patrizia - Research Fellow in Animal Ethics, UCD School of Philosophy

Shanahan, Mary Kennedy - Lecturer in Religious Education, St Angela's College, Sligo

Sorem, Erik - Adjunct Professor, Azusa Pacific University (USA)

Uljée, Rozemund - University Lecturer, Leiden University

Vaughan, Connell - Lecturer in Aesthetics and Critical Theory in the Dublin School of Creative Arts (DIT)

Walsh, Jason - Journalist

Walsh, Joseph

White, Peter

Wong, Shuk Ling Lilian (MLitt)

Zantvoort, Bart

Zhang, Junguo

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