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Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Dublin Chapter

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), an organisation led by postgraduates and recently graduated students, aims to address the structural barriers within philosophy for students and scholars from currently and historically marginalised backgrounds. The UCD Chapter of this global organisation was established in October 2020, and since then we have organised film nights, conferences, workshops, reading groups, and coffee meetings.

The local UCD Chapter aims to build and maintain an affirmative and supportive community for minorities in philosophy within the university. This is to foster and strengthen the UCD School of Philosophy’s endorsement of SWIP/BPA Good Practice guidelines and commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, especially in the areas of:

  1. Accessibility
  2. Plurality
  3. Ethnic and Racial Minority Representation and Recognition
  4. Gender Balance and Equality
  5. Class Parity and Economic Equity
  6. Equity in Employment and Scholarship Opportunities
  7. Diversity in Network and Support Opportunities

We organise social events and scholarly fora that address these issues. Through these, we aim to support the work of marginalised philosophers, engage with underrepresented philosophical perspectives, and make philosophy a more inclusive space. 

For this Academic Year (2023–2024), we are organised into different committees, each of which represent a particular commitment of MAP:

Executive Committee

Chairperson: Roxane Pret Théodore (roxane.prettheodore1@ucdconnect.ie)

Vice-Chair: Ranier Abengaña (ranier.abengana@ucd.ie)

Standing Committees

Communications Coordinator: Rachel Russell (rachel.russell@ucdconnect.ie)

Communications Officer: Maria Giulia Molinaro Vitale (maria.molinaro@ucdconnect.ie)

Disability and Accessibility Issues Coordinator: Jonathan Mitchell (jonathan.mitchell@ucd.ie)

Gender Parity & LGBTQAI+ Affairs Coordinator: Aisling Phipps (aisling.phipps@ucdconnect.ie)

Gender Parity & LGBTQAI+ Officer: August Buholzer (august.buholzer@ucdconnect.ie)

Undergraduate Students Affairs Representative (Autumn, 2022): Mulan-Sophia Zheng 

Ethnic, Racial & Religious Minorities Committee: Agnese Casellato (maria.casellato@ucdconnect.ie), Florence Rochat (florence.rochat@ucdconnect.ie), Miho Kaneko (miho.kaneko@ucdconnect.ie)

Workplace Equity Committee: TBD

Advisory Board

Kelly Louise Rexzy Agra

Clémence Saintemarie

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To get in touch with us please contact: mapucd.ie@gmail.com

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