Events in 2012

19 January. Humour and Morality a public lecture by Professor Noel Carroll (City University of New York).

21 January. Spectres - UCD/TCD Philosophy & Literature Postgraduate Conference.

27 January. Inaugural Session of the Society for Women in Philosophy - Ireland.

10 February. Heidegger and the Question of Subjectivity (in association with the Irish Phenomenological Circle)

25 February. Hermeneutics and Deconstruction

20-22 March: Agnes Cuming Lecture Series - Prof Christine M Korsgaard (Harvard University)

30 March. Hegel's Philosophy of Right

31 March. Conference: Encountering the Other: Philosophical Perspectives on Recognition

26 April. Celebrating Wittgenstein - Ludwig Wittgenstein - A Symposium

9-11 May. Workshop on Judgement, Responsibility, and the Life-World, Prague, sponsored by the Australasian Phenomenology and Hermeneutics Association (APHA) in collaboration with Philosophy at Murdoch University, the School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, and the Jan Pato?ka Archive at the Center for Theoretical Study and the Institute for Philosophy at the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic as part of the ARC funded project Judgement, Responsibility and the Life-World.  (PI: Dermot Moran)

6-8 June. Sellars Centenary Conference. For a selection of videos of some of the main speakers, please see the Youtube clips here.

11-12 June. The American Style in Philosophy (sponsored by IRCHSS New Ideas in association with the School of Philosophy)

22 June. Group Think Workshop including launch of the new MA in Consciousness & Embodiment

28 September. Workshop on Epistemology with Prof Richard Fumerton

13 October. Workshop on Racism with Prof Bill Lawson

9-10 November. Society for Women in Philosophy (SWIP) - Joint Ireland/UK Conference

17 November. Workshop on Why Tolerate Religion? with Prof Brian Leiter (WORLD PHILOSOPHY DAY)

23 November. Workshop on Heidegger and the Political

29-30 November. Life-World and the Natural World: Husserl & Patocka