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International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy

Current Issue
Volume IV, Autumn 2012

Special Issue
Nature and Philosophy

Tim Burns, Fergal McHugh, Bart Zantvoort
(University College Dublin, Ireland)

"Climate Change and the Ethics of Individual Emissions:
A Response to Sinnott-Armstrong"

By Ben Almassi (University of Washington)

"Buying the Wilderness Experience: the Commodification of the Sublime"
Richmond M. Eustis (Nicholls State University)

"Whether Earthquakes are Lovable: Knowing Nature in the Wake of Disaster"
Molly Sturdevant (Saint Xavier University)

Book Reviews
Greg Forster Starting with Locke
Eric Comerford (Michigan State University)

John Henry McDowell Having the World in View: Essays on
Kant, Hegel, and Sellars

Christopher Murphy (University College Dublin)

Santiago Zabala The Remains of Being
Michael Barnes Norton (University of Dallas)

Thorsten Botz-Bornstein (ed.) The Philosophy of Viagra:
Bioethical Responses to the Viagrification of the Modern World

Janet L. Testerman (Gulf University for Science and Technology)