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International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy

Journal Description
Perspectives: International Postgraduate Journal of Philosophy is a peer-reviewed annual journal of philosophy edited and published from the School of Philosophy, University College Dublin, Ireland. Perspectives features articles, book reviews and interviews by postgraduate students and recent graduates on a broad range of topics and approaches in philosophy and its related disciplines.

Past copies of the journal can be found here.

Second Call for Submissions

This 2015 issue of Perspectives focuses on the Philosophy of Cognitive Science in general and the theme of ‘Social Cognition’ in particular.

We welcome submissions relevant to the theme of Social Cognition from all areas and approaches to philosophy - analytic, continental, history of philosophy, philosophy of psychology, philosophy of cognitive science, etc.. Papers in the cognitive sciences including, but not limited to, animal studies; anthropology; artificial intelligence; enaction and neurophenomenology; human movement science; linguistics; neuropsychology; neuroscience; psychology (developmental, cognitive, social, sports) are also very welcome.

We also welcome reviews of recently published books (in the past two years) if you have a book that you would like to review related to the theme of social cognition. We would ask that you get in touch with us before commencing the review to ensure the book you have selected is appropriate for this issue.

Topics addressed may include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Ancient philosophy and cognitive science
  • Body boundaries and extended mind
  • Cognitive affective processes underlying social behavior
  • Cognitive development
  • Collective beliefs; emotions; intentions
  • Distributed cognition
  • Embodied cognition
  • Emotions in interpersonal relations
  • Empathy
  • Enactive cognitive science
  • Extended Cognitive Systems
  • Group behaviour
  • Group mind
  • Intentional communication
  • Intersubjectivity
  • Intrapersonal; interpersonal; intragroup; intergroup processes
  • Joint action
  • Joint attention
  • Joint sense-making
  • Linguistic development
  • Mutual Incorporation
  • Neurophenomenology
  • Other minds and animal minds
  • Perspective taking
  • Social cognition
  • Social exchange: insights from computational neuroscience
  • Social media
  • Social perception; social judgment; social memory
  • Socio-cognitive disorders
  • The neuroscience of dialogue
  • Theory of mind

Or another topic that you feel may be related to the subject of social cognition.

Please get in touch with us, if in doubt, if you would like to verify the appropriateness of your proposed paper topic.Submissions should be in Word format, prepared for blind-refereeing and between 5000-7000 words. Please include a brief abstract (120 words) with keywords and a separate brief biography for the contributor’s page, should your paper be accepted. Make sure that the biography includes all relevant contact information, including a permanent e-mail address. Click here for article criteria and style guide. Contributors are asked to email their submissions to

In the subject title of your email submission includes ‘Perspectives 2015’ followed by ‘submission’ or ‘review’ as relevant.


Perspectives Journal
Funding acknowledgement
Funded by the UCD School of Philosophy, UCD College of Human Sciences (GRIF), and the UCD SEED fund.