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UCD School of Philosophy Covid Response

See here for UCD's Covid response page.

Here at UCD Philosophy we are committed to ensuring the safety of our staff and students. We are doing everything we can to make sure our students receive as much face-to-face teaching as possible while respecting all public health guidelines.

  • At undergraduate level, we are working hard to devise scheduling that will allow our students to have as much of their teaching delivered face-to-face as possible. For some this will mean online lectures with in-person tutorials, for others it will be attending some lectures on a rotating basis while participating in live online tutorials. All undergraduate lectures will be recorded (video or audio) and posted on-line through Brightspace, the university's virtual learning platform.
  • All our graduate seminars will be taught almost entirely through face-to-face seminars while respecting social distancing regulations.
  • For all our students: all faculty can be contacted through their e-mail addresses on the web page. In addition, during the semester, faculty will be offering for face-to-face meetings while respecting social distancing.

The pandemic has given rise to some serious and difficult ethical questions.  Our philosophers have been responding by writing articles, answering the public's questions, and by running a COVID-19 themed Irish Young Philosopher Awards for school students.

Prof. Maria Baghramian’s European funded project Policy, Expertise and Trust in Action (PEriTiA) is at the forefront of understanding how people are engaging with expert advice during these unprecedented times.

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