PhD Scholarships

The School of Philosophy is offering two PhD scholarships consisting of (subject to availability of funds):

  • A College of Social Sciences and Law Research Scholarship, which covers the equivalent of the EU fee rate for up to four academic years. Please see: Terms & Conditions.

The awards are intended to underline both the College and University’s commitment to the pursuit of excellence in research and graduate education. The overall aim is to attract applicants of the highest academic standards to participate in and expand School-based structured PhD programmes in the College of Social Sciences and Law (CSSL).

In order to apply for the scholarships, students must submit a PhD application via the normal school process. Details of that process can be found here. Please state clearly in your application that you are applying for the Scholarships.

The deadline for receipt of applications is June 1st. Enquiries should be directed to the School Manager.

Past Award Recipients

2012-13: Martin Grünfeld - 'Towards a Poetics of Knowledge: The Dominance of Scientific Writing and the Demolition of Thinking'
2013-14: Asgeir Johannesson - 'Rooted in Kant and Blessed by Wittgenstein: Philosophical Justifications for the Methods of the Austrian School of Economics'
2014-15: Giulio Di Basilio - 'The Notion of Prohairesis in Aristotle's Philosophy of Action'
David Markwell - 'Merleau-Ponty's Ethics'
2015-16: Muhannad Hariri - 'Inferential Intuitions: The Role of the Imagination in Sellars' Theory of Experience'
2016-17: Rana Bizri - 'Understanding our Fundamental Ways of engaging with the World: Beyond Discursive Action'
Damien Lennon - 'Eliot, Joyce and the Hermeneutic of Ruin'
Frida Trotter - 'The connection between theory and nature. Wilfrid Sellars' analysis on language and perception'
2017-18: Antoine Athanassiadis - 'Social Critique in Adorno and Foucault'  
Liam Beggan - 'Noam Chomsky’s early use of Wilhelm von Humboldt’s Philosophy of Language'
Holly Hartman - 'Nothing About You is Alone'

2018-2019: Sabrina Keenan - 'The Experience of Aging'

Jonathan Wren - 'The Sharing of Being-with: The Political Hermeneutics of Hannah Arendt and Jean-Luc Nancy'


Funding Opportunities outside the UCD School of Philosophy

There are several sources of funding for PhD and MLitt students from outside the UCD School of Philosophy.  Students are encouraged to explore opportunities with outside funding agencies.  The information below relates to some of the more widely available sources, but is by no means exhaustive.

1. Irish Research Council (IRC) - Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme.  APPLICATIONS WILL OPEN FOR 2019-20 ON 6 SEPTEMBER 2018. Closing date for IRC: 1 November 2018.  Students interested in this scheme should check the IRC website for details on how to apply and the terms & conditions of awards.

2. Student Universal Support Ireland - grants for fees for Irish resident students (means-tested).

3. UCD International - scholarships available specifically for international students.  International students are also encouraged to explore funding schemes in their home countries.