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Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) Dublin Chapter

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) is a graduate student-led grassroots organisation that spans over 170 chapters worldwide (www.mapforthegap.com). MAP’s mission is to address structural injustices in academic philosophy and to remove barriers that impede participation in academic philosophy for members of marginalized groups. Through the international organizing team and graduate student-led network of autonomous chapters around the world, MAP aims to examine and dismantle mechanisms that prevent students from marginalized groups from participating in academic philosophy, as well as to promote philosophical work done from marginalized perspectives, and help improve working conditions for scholars from marginalized backgrounds. 

The organisation provides resources and advocates for the interests of members of marginalized groups in philosophy. Individual MAP chapters organize local events to stimulate discussion of topics relevant to minority participation in academic philosophy and to build community and improve departmental climate. Events are varied and often correspond to the local needs and interests, can feature internal or external speakers, mentorship for undergraduate and graduate students, panel discussions as well as practical workshops. 

Founded in 2020, the local UCD chapter aims to build and maintain an affirmative and supportive community for minorities in philosophy within the university. We also hope to strengthen the UCD School of Philosophy’s endorsement of SWIP/BPA Good Practice guidelines and commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, especially in the areas of:

  1. Accessibility

  2. Plurality

  3. Ethnic and Racial Minority Representation and Recognition

  4. Gender Balance and Equality

  5. Class Parity and Economic Equity

  6. Equity in Employment and Scholarship Opportunities

  7. Diversity in Network and Support Opportunities

We organise events that address these issues such as reading groups, work-in-progress workshops, invited speaker lectures, film nights, and coffee mornings. Through this, we aim to support the work of marginalised philosophers, engage with underrepresented philosophical perspectives and make philosophy a more inclusive space. 

Please get in touch via mapucd.ie@gmail.com for more information or if you would like to suggest an event or collaboration. 

2020/21 committee

Kelly Louise Rexzy Agra

Naomi Corlett

Cathrin Fischer

Denise Kelly

Benjamin Modarres

Clémence Saintemarie

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) | Weekly Chat

The Coffee and Tea (CAT) Afternoons are an opportunity for philosophy students from all levels (postgrads or undergrads) as well as staff, to socially meet and chat over coffee and tea, think about event ideas, share issues or concerns, or just meet and interact with new people (as well as old ones), in a safe space and with a friendly community. This semester, the CAT Afternoons are held every Friday at 1PM at the Agnes Cumming Seminar Room at the School of Philosophy. All philosophy enthusiasts are welcome.

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