Producing Visual Media in Many Forms

This section of the site will contain interviews with photographers who have covered various aspects of war and conflict situations in diverse ways.  The role of 'conflict photographer' has continuously evolved.  Great changes have occurred particularly in the past two decades with the development and increasing sophistication of digital photographic possibilities and the rise of the Internet.  Although in recent years there has been a resurgence of interest in the use of older photographic technologies, for many photographers the affordability of new audiovisual equipment and editing software has allowed them to branch into the production of multimedia work- incorporating still and moving images and integrating ambient sounds, music, dialogue and voice-over. 

Changes to the economic model of much mainstream media, largely due to technological changes, mean that the roles and working practices of photographers are at a challenging and uncertain stage.  It is perhaps more important than ever to ask what role photography can have in documenting, educating, contesting, advocating for and ameliorating war and conflict, among other complex global issues, in current times.       


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