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Taught Master Research Ethics Committee

TMREC-SPHPSS Terms of Reference:

  • The TMREC-SPHPSS will review applications from the graduate taught programmes in the school only and not the research of graduates on research programmes, or staff research.
  • All research conducted by students on graduate research programmes remains subject to an application to HREC.
  • The TMREC-SPHPSS is a local subcommittee and will follow the standard REC Operating Procedures that set out best practice for all of the UCD Research Ethics Committees.
  • Students registered to a taught graduate programme in the SPHPSS, completing a research project will be required to submit their research proposal (through their supervisor) to TMREC-SPHPSS for approval or for exemption from full ethical review.
  • TMREC-SPHPSS may refer any application to the main HREC.

How to apply:

Applications must be e-mailed by the supervisor (and not the student), by the closing date, in Word format and by email to tmrec-sphpss@ucd.ie. There is a strict deadline for the receipt of the applications. It is the supervisors responsibility to ensure that the submission is on the latest version of the relevant forms from this web page.

The cover email must include the following information:

• Whether the documentation is for a full ethical review, a declaration of low-risk exemption from that, or an amendment/extension of a previously processed review/declaration.
• If declaring a low-risk exemption from full ethical review, state which of the exemption criterion the research satisfies. Please refer to Further Exploration of the Process of Seeking Ethics Approval for Research, HREC Document No: 7. Note in this case your documentation will still be ethically reviewed, but not in detail by all committee members.
• The supervisors name (must be a UCD staff member)
• The student’s name
• The taught MSc programme
• The title of the research
• The proposed end of study date
• Confirmation that the supervisor has reviewed and endorsed the application.

The cover email must have no more than two file attachments:

  1. One of: application for full ethical review (HR1); declaration of low risk exemption from full ethical review (HR3); or and amend-extend application of previous research.
  2. A single file of any and all supporting documents required, collated into the single checklist-template document (using HR2, as given below). Note that the requirements for supporting documentation for low-risk declarations and full review may differ, but in any case, use the checklist-template HR2 to collate/submit any required supporting documentation (note some supervisors may provide a separate endorsement letter with the application and supporting documents). Use of the HR2 checklist template instead of piecemeal multiple file attachments facilitates both the process of constructing and reviewing your documentation.

The TMREC email addresstmrec-sphpss@ucd.ie must be used to officially submit the documentation; no documentation will be reviewed without also including a submission to the committee using this email address. 

The review process will take approximately 5 weeks from the time of submission to when the applicants will receive the outcome of their application.

Application deadlines:

•Nov 18th 2022
•Jan 27th 2023
•Feb 24th 2023


TM-REC-SPHPSS Application (HR1, MS Word.doc)

TMREC SPHPSS Support DocTemplate  (HR2, MS Word.doc)

TMREC-SPHPSS Low Risk Study Review Form (HR3, MS Word.doc)

TMREC-SPHPSS Amend-Extend Application (MS Word.doc)

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