UCD School of Physics is always keen to communicate the strengths of the programmes that the school offers. Staff & graduate students are available to travel to schools and talk to transition year, 5th & 6th-year classes about Science, Physics and the programmes at UCD.

An event for any Transition Year student who is passionate about pursuing a career in Science and has an interest in Physics is the UCD Physics TY Week. Participants will get the opportunity to interact with students, researchers and academics, while also gaining an insight into what it's like to study Physics at a university level.

For updates on our TY Week, please sign up to myUCD with the intended start date of September 2022 and register your interest in Physics courses in UCD Science. Here you will receive all the latest information and news on our events direct to your email inbox.

You can also apply now via this link https://www.myucd.ie/visiting-ucd/events/ucd-physics-transition-year-week-2019/

Each of the 4 days is a repeat of the same workshop, so there are 4 different opportunities to attend. Participants cannot attend on more than one day.

This application process will not be open until the issuing of Junior Certificate 2019 results as these will form part of the application requirements. Applications will open at 9 am on Friday 4th of October 2019 and will close at midnight on Sunday the 20th of October 2019.

Apply via myUCD


For more information, see also the Undergraduate section of the website.