How would you like to get your hands on real LHC data to analyse it to find W & Z bosons, and look for evidence of the Higgs? UCD School of Physics is offering you the chance!

Each year about 8000 secondary school students in 31 countries worldwide come to one of 120 nearby universities or research centres for one day in order to unravel the mysteries of particle physics. Here at UCD School of Physics, we provide students with state-of-the-art computing facilities, specialised software, expert guidance and real data direct from the ATLAS experiment at CERN in order to allow them to study W and Z boson events by observing their decay products and apply this knowledge to search for the Higgs boson.

This activity is open to secondary school students with an interest in studying physics at University level. No advanced experience is required, though an interest in particle physics and the recent results from CERN is an advantage. This is an excellent opportunity for students who are considering entering a Physics focused third level education path.

UCD School of Physics International Masterclass 2018

This year the UCD School of Physics International Masterclass 2018 will be held on Monday, 12th of March. The activities will start at 9:30am and finish at 4:00pm. The day will consist of practical lectures, hands-on data analysis, and an international video conference to compare your results live with students in other countries.  (If you can’t make it on the 12th March, similar activities will be running at Maynooth NUI and Trinity College Dublin)

If you would like to participate at the UCD School of Physics Particle Physics Masterclass, please complete the application form below. If you, your guardian or teacher have a question please email with the subject line 'PARTICLE PHYSICS MASTERCLASS' or call 01 716 2230.

Please be advised this event is free of charge. Please note that the masterclass is open to 5th and 6th year Leaving Certificate students, with a keen interest in Physics. Transition Year students are happily invited to apply but priority weighting will be given to students sitting the Leaving Certificate.

The closing date for receipt of applications is midnight Sunday, the 11th of February, 2018. Successful applicants will be contacted by the 23th February 2018.