2021 Undergraduate Summer Research Studentships

UCD School of Physics are delighted to offer research studentship opportunities working on a variety of research projects within the school. These research studentships are suitable for undergraduates currently studying Physics or a related discipline, and will give students the opportunity to gain experience of hands on research. Projects will last 8 weeks, from Monday 7th June until Friday 31st July, and come with a €1600 stipend for this duration.

Although we hope that research studentships can take place on campus in the summer, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot guarantee this. However, most of the projects on offer can still be done remotely if the campus is closed. If a student has been assigned a place working on a project that does require laboratory access and this is not possible, then they will be offered the option of an alternative project that can be done remotely.
The deadline for applications is April 2nd.

To apply:

1. Read the list of available projects here: Project Booklet 

2. Fill in the application form online: https://forms.gle/v573ESoR6RDiSzR9A

3. Submit a cover letter and CV as a single PDF file with filename
<lastname_firstname.pdf> at https://www.dropbox.com/request/4j6XY33132sPcIoBxpSp

If you have further questions, please contact Morgan Fraser (morgan.fraser@ucd.ie).