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Wuu-Kuang Soh (

Soh photoFunding body: SFI

Wuu-Kuang blogs extensively about his research and his field work.

Wuu-Kuang graduated in 2000 with a degree in biology from University of Putra Malaysia and following this, he received his MSc in 2002, specialising in the ecology of limestone vegetation. He then went to work as a tropical plant taxonomist in the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia. Later, he worked in the UNEP-World Conservation Monitoring Centre, Cambridge (UK), as a researcher before pursuing a PhD degree in Trinity College Dublin. His PhD research involved assessing the taxonomy and the phylogenetic relationship within the genus Syzygium using macro- and micromorphological and molecular characters. After obtaining his PhD degree, he was appointed as a research associate in Trinity College Dublin.

Wuu-Kuang is currently a SFI post-doctoral fellow at UCD and will be working to improve model predictions of future ecosystem function to global climate change by trailing inferredĀ  functional responses of palaeo-ecosystems across three natural global warming events in Earth history (Cretaceous, Toarcian and Triassic-Jurassic). His research will involve developing palaeo proxy utilising fossil leaf cuticle and leaf functional traits. His research is a subset of a larger research project to improve the general circulation models and prediction of flooding risk for the year 2050 and beyond.

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