Effective Presentation Skills

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Embrace presentations as an opportunity to communicate your innovative thinking, business insights, and project successes. This practical short course will show you how to project self-confidence and authority while delivering impactful presentations that audiences engage with and remember.

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Part-time 21 Apr - 19 May 2021 Limited Spaces Available
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Supported learning with live, online lectures


15 hours: Evening class: 3 hours per lesson, once a week for 5 weeks


Online evening course: 6.30pm - 9.30pm Wednesday evenings

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Live online learning

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Course overview

Learning outcomes and course content

Become a more confident speaker and learn to hold the attention of a room with this practical course. Lots of hands-on skills tasks as well as discussions and worked examples.

What will I learn?


Even the most confident person can feel anxious about presenting in a professional environment. Luckily, effective presentation is not some mystical art but the result of practical communications skills that anyone can learn! You will discover how to deliver engaging presentations in a group setting that is highly supportive and led by an experienced mentor who will give you focused, realistic guidance on developing your skills and building your confidence.

Course Modules:

Getting Ready To Present

Getting Ready To Present

Learn how to plan your presentation, taking into account the goals you are trying to achieve and the audience you are presenting to. Understand timing and pacing.

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  • Course overview
  • Outline of assessment
  • Prepare and structure a presentation
  • Understand the audience
  • Storyboarding
  • Timing and pacing your presentation
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Content Is King

Content Is King

Learn how to present ideas, visuals, and data in a comprehensible, engaging, and memorable way. Understand how people absorb information and how this influences the design and structure of presentations.

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  • Structuring content
  • Presenting ideas, visuals, and data
  • Getting your key messages across
  • Overcoming barriers to effective communication
  • Highlighting your main points
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The Presenting Space – Offline Or Online

The Presenting Space – Offline Or Online

Understand the different considerations when presenting online as opposed to in-person. Get tips for effective virtual presentations, including screen-sharing and keeping your audience engaged.

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  • Using technology and visual aids
  • Setting up the presentation space
  • Deliver your presentation effectively online
  • Presenting your best self online
  • Keep your audience engaged online
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You As Presenter

You As Presenter

Learn the secrets of effective delivery as you identify and develop your personal communication style. Discover techniques to combat stage-fright.

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  • Find your presenting style
  • Voice, body language, and eye contact
  • Techniques to combat nerves
  • Involving the audience
  • Taking questions and feedback
  • Dealing with questions or challenges
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Practical Presenting

Practical Presenting

Time to turn theory into action! This module will help you gain confidence through practical experience as a group and then small breakout groups, practicing the techniques and getting feedback.

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  • Presentation practice
  • Overview of assessment
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Find out how this industry-focused course will give you the job-ready skills and knowledge to advance your career.

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Is this course right for me?

This course is suitable for any professional who wants to improve their presentation skills. As well as developing your all-round presentation skills and capabilities, this course will help those who want to get over their anxiety about speaking in public.

You may be:

  • Someone in a professional role

  • Someone looking to strengthen their CV for a job application or promotion opportunity

  • A business owner or entrepreneur

  • A recent graduate

How will this course help with my career?

Presenting is now an everyday skill at work. You may need to communicate and collaborate with your teams, be using presentations as part of a sales role, or reporting to your bosses or other stakeholders. To progress in your career, you need to demonstrate your ability to put together coherent, compelling, and memorable presentations. This isn’t something you can just claim on your CV, because even a job interview is a presentation, and your skills are on the line!

What is the online learning experience like?

Our online experience is designed to be just as interactive, supportive, and inspiring as the UCD Professional Academy campus experience.

Online courses can be accessed from any computer or laptop with an internet connection.

Live lectures are delivered using Zoom. During these lectures, your teachers will use technology interactively to ensure an engaging learning experience. When appropriate, students will be encouraged to activate their microphones so that they can ask questions and communicate with other students.

What is the student experience like?

Student care is a high priority at UCD Professional Academy, which is why our Student Services team is on hand to support you throughout your time with us. They will respond to any queries you have, help you with any technical issues, and facilitate your learning experience at every point. All students are given access to our Student Portal, where you can see your timetable, access all your study materials, and manage your account.

How is this course assessed?

If you are studying an online course, your assessments will also be submitted online.

This course is assessed through a practical test (giving a presentation) at the end of the course.

How do I get my qualification?

Your UCD Professional Academy qualification will be issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others wishing to verify your credentials. You’ll also be able to add this qualification to your LinkedIn profile.

This qualification is not on the National Framework of Qualifications as a credit-bearing course. This is not unusual for professional courses of this nature, where the need is for fresh and actionable skills immediately applicable in the workplace.

What payment options are available?

A place on any of our programmes can be secured with a 5% deposit.

For full-time (bootcamp) programmes, the balance must be paid in full before course commencement.

For part-time programmes students will be required to pay 50% of the fees before the start of the course, with the remaining balance due within 30 days of the course commencing.

Please note that standard terms and conditions apply, which you can review here: https://www.ucd.ie/professionalacademy/terms-and-conditions/


Effective Presentation Skills

Learn to plan, prepare, and deliver presentations. Interact effectively with your audience, initiating or guiding discussions and responding to feedback.

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