Early Bird Discount: Save 10% on upcoming courses. Offer ends 29th September.

Early Bird Discount: Save 10% on upcoming courses. Offer ends 29th September.

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Professional Academy Diploma in HR Management

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Kick-start your career in human resources with this Professional Course in HR Management. Throughout this HR course, you’ll come to grips with essential HR topics such as workforce planning, recruitment, onboarding, learning & development, change management and, the future of HR. Become an effective manager of people and understand how to keep every member of a team engaged, productive, and feeling valued.

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Starts 18 Oct — Ends 17 Jan 24

Part-time / evening
  • LIVE ONLINE lectures with an Industry Expert
  • 12 weeks: Wednesdays, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • €1700, €1,530 with discount code

Starts 23 Nov — Ends 22 Feb 24

Part-time / morning
  • LIVE ONLINE lectures with an Industry Expert
  • 12 weeks: Thursdays, 9.30am - 1pm
  • €1700, €1,530 with discount code

Starts 23 Nov — Ends 22 Feb 24

Part-time / evening
  • LIVE ONLINE lectures with an Industry Expert
  • 12 weeks: Thursdays, 6.30pm - 9.30pm
  • €1700, €1,530 with discount code

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Why UCD Professional Academy?

  • Valuable, trusted certification
  • Industry expert lecturers
  • Flexible learning options

€52,000 / Annual

HR Manager Salary in Ireland

The average HR manager salary in Ireland is €52,000 per year. Entry level positions start at €35,000 per year while more experienced workers make up to €60,000 per year.

Salary data source: indeed.com, 11th January 2023


Salary data source: indeed.com, 11th January 2023

HR Management Course Modules

Blending theory, case study analysis, and practical tasks, this course will equip you with the tools and skills to jump straight into a human resources role. Learn about workforce planning and wellness programmes. Understand how to follow correct employment law and put in place procedures for every stage of the employment cycle: recruitment, selection, appraisals... You will gain a practical working knowledge of all the main aspects of this role.

Or browse our wide range of expert-led online courses and grow your career potential today.

1. Introduction To Human Resources Management

An introduction to the course content and format, including the learning outcomes you can expect and how you will be assessed. You will also learn essential HR concepts.

  • HRM definition
  • Evolution of HR
  • Strategic HRM
  • Best practice
  • Role of HRM in the employee lifecycle
  • HR Department structure & careers

2. Workforce Planning & Recruitment

Discover how to approach workforce planning and recruitment. Learn about recent changes in recruitment trends resulting from COVID-19 and what legislation impacts your decision-making.

  • Recruitment trends and COVID-19 implications
  • Recruitment vs. selection
  • Workforce planning
  • Legislation and regulation
  • Recruitment funnel
  • Recruitment stages

3. Selection

Learn about HR’s role in driving great candidate experiences. Look at interviewing techniques, principles, and pitfalls to avoid. Find out how to put together an offer and the pre-employment process.

  • Bias and stereotyping
  • Interview experiences, principles, and techniques
  • Remote interviewing
  • Assessments and feedback
  • Making offers
  • Pre-employment checks

4. Onboarding & Probation Management

Learn what happens once an offer of employment has been accepted. Discover the different laws governing employment and the steps that take your new joiner through onboarding and probation.

  • Types of employment contracts
  • Different employment laws in Ireland
  • New joiner experience and checklists
  • Induction design principles and content
  • Probation management
  • Probation extension and termination

5. Reward & Recognition

Find out what keeps employees engaged and motivated, with a detailed look at the different types of reward and recognition used by employers. Learn how to create a wellness programme.

  • Reward v recognition
  • Types of reward and benefits
  • Motivators vs. dissatisfiers theory
  • Employee wellness programmes
  • Recognition
  • Creating recognition programmes

6. Performance Management

An introduction to the specialist area of performance management. Find out how to manage performance with feedback models and tools as well as personal development plans.

  • Performance management benefits and cycles
  • Performance objectives and expectations
  • Personal development plans
  • Ongoing coaching and communication
  • Performance rewards and underperformance
  • Driving a culture of feedback

7. Disciplinary & Grievance Management

Learn about grievance and disciplinary procedures and the laws that impact on them. Find out what constitutes fair and unfair dismissal, as well as conducting investigations remotely during COVID-19.

  • Fair process
  • Dismissal and unfair dismissal claims
  • Informal resolution
  • Investigation process
  • Disciplinary sanctions
  • Grievance procedures and conflict resolution

8. Organisational Design & Change Management

Discover organisational design principles and HR’s role in them. Learn about the psychology of change and how to effectively drive and manage change in an organisation.

  • Organisational design principles
  • Change management principles
  • Tips for effective change management
  • Good communication during change
  • Redundancy
  • Alternative roles

9. Learning & Development

Unpack organisational learning and development (L&D), the process of creating, retaining, and transferring knowledge within an organisation. Learn how to adapt traditional strategies to remote ways of working.

  • Organisational learning and development (L&D)
  • Evaluating L&D programmes
  • Adult learning types and styles
  • Designing L&D programmes
  • Succession planning
  • Talent review sessions

10. Attendance & Leave Management

Learn to manage leave and attendance, both statutory (maternity leave, for example) and non-statutory. Understand how to manage sick leave and absences, as well as disability and return to work.

  • Statutory and non-statutory leave
  • Maternity, paternity, and parental leave
  • Force majeure
  • Sick leave and absence management
  • Return to work management
  • Employment Equality Act - disability

11. Dignity at Work & Future of HR

Understand the latest trends, innovations, and best practice in HR. Examine the effects of technology in human resources management and explore the future of HR - skills for success.

  • Dignity at work
  • Diversity, inclusion & discrimination
  • Bullying, harassment, and sexual harassment
  • Artificial Intelligence and data analytics
  • HR technology – practical applications
  • The future of HR

12. Course Summary & Assignment Overview

Recap the course content, discussing the key learnings and best practice from each area covered. Q&A for your learning log and final assessment.

  • Course Summary
  • Assessments

What does a HR Manager do?

A HR manager is responsible for recruiting and hiring employees, managing employee benefits, training and development, and managing employee relations. The HR manager is also responsible for ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations.

In short, the HR manager is responsible for ensuring that the company's human resources are effectively utilised to meet the company's goals and objectives.

What our Alumni Say

I would highly recommend this course. The course is excellent and provides a comprehensive overview of practical HR topics, learnings which have greatly expanded my HR knowledge and confidence and assisted me in my current role. Each class was very engaging, the lecturer taking a hands-on interactive approach, it was also fun!

Sandra Farrell

PA to CEO, Dublin Chamber

I really enjoyed my experience studying for a Professional Academy Diploma in HR Management. From the first session it was interesting and I enjoyed the different topics we covered. My favourite thing about attending the course was the knowledge I learned about HR and the topics we covered each week. It was a great experience. I really enjoyed it!

Studying for a Professional Academy Diploma in HR Management with UCD Professional Academy helped me to better understand how Human Resources work on an everyday basis and gave me a general overview through interesting examples on how the role should be properly fulfilled.

I would 100% recommend this HR Management course and the UCD Professional Academy to absolutely anyone and everyone. I have tried a few online college courses and not a single one of them has come close to the quality and quantity that the UCD Professional Academy provides. I will definitely be looking into more courses that they have on offer.

HR Management

I decided to study for a Professional Academy Diploma in HR Management as I have always had a keen interest in this area. I would definitely recommend this course to others as it was the most enjoyable thing I have done for myself in a long time.


Access to thousands of journals, articles and papers. Free of charge.

Students taking part in this course will now have access to the EBSCO Online Library, free of charge, for the full duration of the course. Here you can browse thousands of relevant journals, articles and other reliable academic and commercial texts like the Harvard Business Review, Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes Magazine, to supplement your learning and assignments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this course right for me?

You do not need to have any prior experience in human resources as this course will provide an excellent introduction to this area.

You may be:

• Someone who has recently been hired into an HR role or would like a refresher

• Someone who is looking for a career change

• A business owner or entrepreneur

• A recent graduate

How will this course help with my career?

Human resources is a dynamic area that offers a wide range of opportunities and excellent career progression. You may choose to work in a general HR role or specialise in a particular area (recruitment or training, for example). You can even focus within areas of specialisation (becoming a technical recruiter, for example) so it’s possible to tailor a career to suit both your passions and skills.

What is the learning experience like?

Many of our courses are now available in a variety of formats. All formats cover the same course content. You now have more choice in how you learn with us:

Live Online

Our online experience is designed to be just as interactive, supportive, and inspiring as the UCD Professional Academy campus experience.

Online courses can be accessed from any computer or laptop with an internet connection.

Live lectures are delivered using Zoom. During these lectures, your teachers will use technology interactively to ensure an engaging learning experience. When appropriate, students will be encouraged to activate their microphones so that they can ask questions and communicate with other students.

On Campus

UCD Professional Academy is delighted to welcome learners back on the UCD Belfield Campus. On Campus courses are delivered in-person with our industry experts in the O'Brien Science building.

On Demand

On Demand courses enable you to complete your course on your own schedule. Course modules are delivered in the form of one “lesson”. The lesson is broken up into short videos followed by activities designed to put the new information and concepts into practice through exercises, quizzes, forum participation and other activities.

What is the student experience like?

Student care is a high priority at UCD Professional Academy, which is why our Student Services team is on hand to support you throughout your time with us. They will respond to any queries you have, help you with any technical issues, and facilitate your learning experience at every point. All students are given access to our Student Portal, where you can see your timetable, access all your study materials, and manage your account.

How is this course assessed?

If you are studying an online course, your assessment will also be submitted online.

This course is assessed through written assessments – a learning log (40%) which you will keep during the course, and a case-study (60%) to be submitted after the end of the course. You will have two weeks following the end of the course to complete and submit the final assignment. The written project is generally around 3,000 words (that’s about 5 pages of a standard Word document).

What are the benefits of a Professional Academy Diploma?

UCD Professional Academy Diplomas and Certificates are designed to give your career an advantage. Developed in conjunction with industry thought leaders our courses teach practical, applied skills to support you to achieve your career and business goals. Professional Academy Diplomas are suitable for career minded learners wishing to advance their professional skills and prospects rather than their academic credentials.

The Professional Academy is an independent wholly owned part of UCD designed to address the need for skills development in the workforce. Courses tend to be short, designed and delivered by industry practitioners, and are not part of nor do they lead to a traditional University award such as a degree or a masters. They are widely accepted by employers and many students are sponsored to study by their organisation.

For full details of UCD Professional Academy’s Certifications & Governance please visit https://www.ucd.ie/professionalacademy/governance/

How do I get my Professional Academy Diploma?

Your UCD Professional Academy Diploma will be issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others wishing to verify your credentials. You can also add this certificate to your LinkedIn profile.

What payment options are available?

A place on any of our courses can be secured with a 10% deposit.

For full-time (boot camp) courses, the balance must be paid in full before course commencement.

For part-time courses, learners will be required to pay 40% of the fees before the start of the course, with the remaining balance due within 30 days of the course commencing.

Please note that standard terms and conditions apply, which you can review here: https://www.ucd.ie/professionalacademy/terms-and-conditions/

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