Professional Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development

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Are you an aspiring coder or web developer? Launch your career in software development with a Professional Course in Full Stack Software Development. This dual qualification from UCD Professional Academy and Code Institute, credit-rated by the University of West of Scotland. The average developer salary in Europe is €50,000.

Why UCD Professional Academy?

  • Dual certification: UCD Professional Academy and Code Institute
  • 70 hours additional live expert led instruction
  • Live student care and support

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Course Information for Full Stack Software Development


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Course type

Blended online learning: Self-study + live online lectures over 11 months.

Career Support

1:1 Career Support to prepare and secure job interviews for students. 90% of Code Institute students are employed within six months.

Learning breakdown

480 tutored hours. 70 hours of live lectures. 14 1:1 mentoring sessions.

Mentor Sessions

14 x 1 hour mentor led sessions to keep learning on track and troubleshoot project queries.

Milestone Projects

Build your portfolio by completing 5 milestone projects, supported by your mentor.

Payment Options

Flexible payment options available. Pay in instalments.

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Professional Diploma in Full Stack Software Developement course content and learning outcomes

Kickstart a career in the rewarding world of software development. Build your portfolio and learn essential coding skills to produce websites and web applications that are both functional and usable.

What will I learn about Software Development?


This hands-on and practical full-stack development course will teach you both front-end and back-end development skills, enabling you to produce fully formed websites and web applications. Understand the key languages used in software development as well as industry-standard tools and frameworks. With input from the world’s top technology firms, course material is highly relevant, and you will develop the most in-demand skills that employers are looking for.

Combine the full Code Institute programme with an additional 70 hours of industry expert led coding mentorship to get the most out of your learning; graduate with a dual certification from UCD Professional Academy and Code Institute, credit-rated by the University of West of Scotland.
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Full Stack Software Development Course Modules:

HTML Essentials

HTML Essentials

Learn how to define and build the content and structure of web pages, including the creation of text, links, images, videos, and audio.

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  • Structure of documents and tags
  • Syntax
  • Structure tags
  • Lists, tables, images, and links
  • Block and inline elements
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CSS Essentials

CSS Essentials

Learn how to style web pages, including the application of fonts, sizes, colours, and overall layout.

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  • Where to use CSS
  • Syntax and selectors
  • Attributes
  • Cascading order
  • First milestone project
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Comparative Programming Languages

Comparative Programming Languages

Learn about different programming languages, with practical examples, which will empower you to choose the appropriate language for your projects.

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  • Common programming principles
  • JavaScript examples
  • Python examples
  • Comparing coding language approaches
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JavaScript Essentials

JavaScript Essentials

Learn the concepts of imperative and object-oriented programming to enable you to automate activities and solve problems using JavaScript.

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  • Core concepts
  • Functions
  • APIs
  • jQuery
  • Second milestone project
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Python Essentials

Python Essentials

Learn to build upon your knowledge of JavaScript to learn about the similar but different Python programming language, which is used to build back end logic.

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  • Core concepts
  • Functions in Python
  • Front-end use of Python
  • Third milestone project
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Full Stack Toolkit

Full Stack Toolkit

Bring together the skills you have learned so far to create much bigger and more structured full stack web applications.

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  • SQL language
  • Databases
  • Django framework
  • Fourth milestone project
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E-Commerce Specialisation

E-Commerce Specialisation

Learn how to design and develop an e-commerce payment system, and how to integrate this system into a cloud-hosted full-stack web application.

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  • Cloud-hosted web applications
  • Online payments
  • Fifth milestone project
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Have questions about the Professional Diploma in Full Stack Software Development?

Find out how this industry-focused course will give you the job-ready skills and knowledge to advance your career.

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Is this course right for me?

Open the door to your new career with this part-time course you can study alongside your current job. You do not need prior programming expertise, but you should be eager to learn. Much of your time will be spent in self-study, so you will need to stay engaged with the material and have the motivation to stay the course for 11 months part-time. The admissions process involves a series of challenges to gauge your suitability for the course.

How will this course help with my career?

Software development skills are highly sought-after as there is a significant global shortage of skilled programmers. On successful completion of this course, you will not only hold a professional diploma from a globally recognised educator but also have a professional portfolio to showcase your expertise. We support all students looking for their first job as a developer. Code Institute works on a 1:1 basis with you to secure employment and prepare you for job interviews. The average developer salary in Europe is €50,000.

What is the online learning experience like?

You will be given access to Code Institute’s Learning Management System, where you can access all your study materials. Lectures are pre-recorded, so you can watch them in your own time.

You will have 6 x 6.5-hour live online masterclasses to expand your knowledge, 17 x 1 hour facilitator sessions and 14 x 1-hour mentor-led sessions to keep on track and troubleshoot project queries.

After your second milestone project, you will be assigned a Careers Mentor who will secure and prepare you for interviews.

What is the student experience like?

Student care is a high priority at UCD Professional Academy, which is why our Student Services team is on hand to support you throughout your time with us. They will respond to any queries you have, help you with any technical issues, and facilitate your learning experience at every point. All students are given access to our Student Portal, where you can see your timetable, access all your study materials, and manage your account.

How is this course assessed?

This course is assessed through projects you complete for your portfolio rather than an exam. As in industry, your grade is achieved through the quality of your work. You will develop a portfolio of four major projects at different stages of the course. You will likely complete around 120 hours of project work which will not only be used to assess your skills but will also provide you with a professional-grade showcase of real-world work to show potential employers.

What are the benefits of a Professional Diploma?

UCD Professional Academy diplomas and awards are designed to give your career an advantage. Developed in conjunction with industry thought leaders and academic specialists our courses teach practical, applied skills to support you to achieve your career and business goals.  Professional Diplomas are suitable for career minded learners wishing to advance their professional skills and prospects rather than their academic credentials.

The Professional Academy in an independent wholly owned part of UCD designed to address the need for skills development in the workforce. Courses tend to be short, designed and delivered by industry practitioners, and are not part of nor do they lead to a traditional University award such as a degree or a masters.  They are widely accepted by employers and many students are sponsored to study by their organisation.

For full details of UCD Professional Academy’s Awards & Governance please visit

How do I get my diploma?

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Diploma in Software Development, awarded by Code Institute and credit rated by the University of West Scotland, as well as a UCD Professional Academy Diploma.

Your UCD Professional Academy Diploma will be issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others wishing to verify your credentials. You’ll also be able to add the diploma to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your achievement.

What payment options are available?

Learners undertaking the Full Stack Software Development programme may avail of payment structure as follows:

  • 50% of the fee payable upfront.

  • 50% of the fee payable paid in 3 instalments spread across 6 months (from the course start date).

Learners will be granted access to the first semester of the course once the first payment (50%) is made, the remaining fee must be paid within 6 months at which point full access to the second semester will be granted. Failure to make payments in the above timeframe will result in the student being withdrawn from the programme. All fees paid up to this point are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Please note that standard terms and conditions apply, which you can review here:


Professional Diploma in Full-Stack Software Development

Become industry-ready in under a year. A university credit-rated qualification and portfolio will help you launch your career in software development.

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