Event Management:
Online Course

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Professional Diploma in Event Management

Become a qualified Event Management professional in just 12 weeks and start leveraging the power of events in your marketing strategies.

Events have become a great way to deliver brand messages directly to audiences. But there’s a lot more to event planning than selling tickets and opening the doors. This discipline will see you managing many interconnected elements, from catering to sponsorship deals, from staffing to audio-visual setup, from safety to press relations.

If you want to drive brand engagement and awareness through physical or virtual experiences such as conferences, concerts, galas, networking, or sporting events, this comprehensive and dynamic course will give you an excellent foundation in actionable event management skills and best practice.

A Professional Diploma in event management is a great way for professionals working in areas such as PR, marketing, and lead generation to demonstrate complementary skills. It will give you a competitive advantage in the job market or help you to go for promotion. 

You can secure your place with a deposit of 5% and pay the rest in instalments. Part time students can avail of our 50-50 payment plan, whereby 50% of the fees are due upon commencement and the balance of 50% is due 30 days after you start the course. Full fees are due before commencing a 1-week Boot Camp.

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36 hours, 1 evening live online a week €1500 : Secure your place with a 5% deposit

Course content:

  • • Introduction to event management
  • • Event planning
  • • Co-ordinating your event
  • • Venue design and layout/corporate events
  • • Event production and safety
  • • Production of green events
  • • Sponsorship
  • • Introduction to public relations and press events
  • • Online public relations and social media
  • • Festivals and outdoor events
  • • Charity events
  • • Consumer-facing and experiential events
  • • Event management evaluation and reporting

General Information

Location Supported learning with live, online lectures.

36 hours

Evening class: 3 hours per lesson, once a week for 12 weeks.

Delivered through an interactive online learning environment with supplementary learning resources.

Timetable 6.30 pm - 9.30 pm Weekday evenings: Online evening course.
Next course dates

Thursday 24 September 2020 - Thursday 17 December 2020: Online evening course 

Wednesday 14 October 2020 - Wednesday 13 January 2021


What to expect

  • Learn from experienced business professionals via live lectures accessed from your laptop (see more about our online offering in the FAQs below).
  • Gain a thorough understanding of how the event industry works and event management best practice.
  • Explore how events can allow organisations to reach marketing objectives.
  • Develop an actionable event management plan.
  • Experience lively group discussions, group exercises, videos, guest lectures, and case study analysis as a part of your learning.
  • On successful completion, you will receive a UCD Professional Diploma in Event Management.

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You do not need to have any prior experience or qualifications in event management to apply for this course. You may be looking to kickstart a career in event management or you may be a marketer looking to upskill in this area as part of your professional development.

You may be:

  • a marketing professional looking to upskill in a related field
  • someone who is looking for a career change
  • a recent graduate
  • a business owner or entrepreneur

The events industry is varied and vibrant. The entertainment sector alone accounts for thousands of event management jobs here in Ireland, but there are also many opportunities in tourism, education, community and social, industry, and business events. Skills in this area are highly sought-after and an average salary for a professional event manager is typically around €36,500.

Online courses can be accessed from any computer or laptop with an internet connection. You do not need special software. You will be given access to our Student Portal, where you can see your timetable, access your study materials, and manage your account.

Lectures are delivered using Zoom, and login details and instructions on how to join a Zoom meeting can be found in your Student Portal. During the live lectures, you can interact with your instructor via the chat function. When appropriate, students will be encouraged to activate their microphone so that they can ask questions and communicate with other students. You do not have to enable your camera if you don’t want to.

Lecturers use communication technology interactively to ensure an engaging learning experience for all students. Lectures are recorded and available for download following each session. Throughout the course, the Student Services team is on hand to support you.

Our online experience is designed to be just as interactive, supportive, and inspiring as the UCD campus experience. Online courses will continue to be available in the future, too.

If you are studying an online course, your assessments will also be submitted online. There are generally two types of assessment.

For courses assessed through a written project/paper and reflection log: you will have two weeks following the end of the course to complete and submit the final assignment. The written project is generally around 3,000 words (that’s about 5 pages of a standard Word document).

For courses that involve a computer-based final exam: when your course includes a timed assessment component (for example, a review quiz), this will be administered during the scheduled online session themselves and will need to be returned within a set period.

Your UCD Professional Academy Diploma will be issued electronically on a secure platform, with a link that you can share with employers and others wishing to verify your credentials. You’ll also be able to add the diploma to your LinkedIn profile to demonstrate your achievement to your network as well as recruiters and potential employers searching for individuals with your skills and experience.

This Professional Diploma is not on the National Framework of Qualifications as a credit-bearing course. This is not unusual for professional courses of this nature, where the need is for fresh and actionable skills (in a shorter form course) that are demonstrated immediately in the workplace.

For part-time courses we have the below payment options:

  • Full payment before the start of the course
  • 5% deposit to secure the student's place and paying the remaining balance in instalments before the start of the course
  • 50-50 payment option (students will be required to pay 50% of the fees before the start of the course, with the remaining balance due within 30 days of the course commencing)

Please note that standard terms and conditions apply, which you can review here: https://www.ucd.ie/professionalacademy/terms-and-conditions/