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Is Artificial Intelligence a Good Career?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the present and future of this digital era. It is now integrated into every industry, creating more career opportunities for the talent pool. Not only for job-seeking individuals, AI also positively impacts society and the world. 

If you’re confused about making a professional decision, you may wonder, “Is artificial intelligence a good career?” It is currently the most in-demand field, and even companies prioritise candidates with exceptional AI skills over those who lack them. Even better, AI professionals also earn pretty well!

AI is a rapidly evolving field with millions of job opportunities at higher earning potential and growth rates. Let’s get into more detail about what makes AI a promising career and how you can get started.

Why Should You Choose Artificial Intelligence As Your Career?

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly an outstanding career with a vast scope. You can be an AI research assistant, AI product manager, machine learning engineer, robotic scientist, data scientist, and more. Besides job opportunities, you can also expect to be paid highly. 

But why should you choose this field as your professional career in the first place? Here are a few reasons that make AI an excellent career choice:

The Demand for AI Specialists is Growing Rapidly

AI has massively transformed the entire world, let alone the job market. The technology has integrated into various industries, such as healthcare, cybersecurity, gaming, robotics, finance, etc. That’s why the Irish workforce is developing AI skills to fulfil the increasing demands of the current market. 

The IDA Ireland Labour Market Pulse partnered with Microsoft and LinkedIn to conduct a survey. It showed a whopping 500% increase in the AI talent share in the country from 2016 to 2022. This figure was 0.34% for LinkedIn members in 2016 but rose to 2.09% in 2022. It makes sense. After all, the World Economic Forum predicted 97 million AI job opportunities to be created in the coming 2 to 3 years (2022 to 2025).

The survey also found the industries with the highest share of the AI workforce. In Ireland, the education sector had the highest AI talent share at 6.36%. However, the technology, information, and media industry had the largest share globally.

So, it’s safe to assume that AI specialists are in-demand and will continue to be the top priority for employers in the coming years. By kickstarting a career in AI, you’ll open doors to ample job opportunities with excellent earning and growth potential. 

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AI Professionals Are the Need of the Hour for Most Organisations

AI professionals are not just limited to a company’s tech department. Instead, they have become a dire need in leadership and management roles. These experts collaborate with different departments in a company, including software development, product management, security, operations and delivery, and more. 

In most cases, AI professionals are the decision-makers since they have an eye on everything happening in an organisation. An AI expert can leverage cutting-edge technologies to help companies automate their workflow, boost productivity, and create more output. They also know how to do more work with minimal costs and waste. 

If you want to be an integral part of your dream company, learning AI skills and starting your career as an AI specialist is the way to go. This industry is dynamic, with lots of exciting challenges waiting for you!

The salary is one of our top concerns when choosing a career option. As we discussed before, there is a high demand for AI professionals in the job market, but only a few talented ones are available now. Considering this, companies offer attractive salary packages to skilled AI experts as long-term investments. 

Your salary won’t be as much at an entry-level job as a professional working in a managerial position. That’s a no-brainer. So, you must keep enhancing your skills to make your way up the professional ladder. 

Once you attain the senior position, your pay rate will increase accordingly. Here is a quick overview of how your annual salary will vary depending on the job position:

These are only a handful of AI-related jobs you can pursue after acquiring AI skills. You have many other options, all of which will pay quite well in Ireland. You can even earn more depending on the budget of the company you’re employed at, your location, and your qualification.

AI Contributes to the Society

The applications of AI are widespread in various domains, allowing you to explore the benefits of this technology for solving a range of real-world problems. AI has a significant impact on society, from advancements in healthcare to ensuring environmental sustainability. It also reduces waste and cost through task automation.

For example, in healthcare, AI can assist in drug discovery, accurate disease diagnosis, and personalised treatments. Regarding education, it can support adaptive tutoring, accessibility, and intelligent feedback. 

AI also helps develop self-driving vehicles, leading to fewer road accidents. These transportation means also assist the elderly and people with disabilities in mobility. AI systems are also used in public safety applications, such as facial recognition for law enforcement

agencies, identifying potential threats, and more.

The AI industry is evolving each day. Thus, it will create more opportunities for professionals to leverage the technology for a better societal impact. When used correctly, AI can even eliminate poverty and create employment for more people.

Choosing AI as your career will help you play a meaningful role in improving your society, community, and the world.


Artificial Intelligence is a highly-demanded career today with several career options. The industry is expected to grow even more, with the World Economic Forum predicting 97 million AI-related job opportunities by 2025. 

Is Artificial Intelligence a Good Career for the Future?

Artificial intelligence is a good career today and in the future. The field is rapidly growing worldwide with a higher earning potential. Even today, AI-related jobs pay pretty well. AI is also integrated into almost every industry, meaning more job opportunities will be available in the future.

Is It Difficult to Learn Artificial Intelligence?

Contrary to popular belief, learning artificial intelligence isn’t challenging at all. You don’t need prior programming or coding experience to be an AI expert. Instead, you must have a keen interest in tech. 

With it, enrol in a good AI course like UCD Professional Academy’s Professional AI course to acknowledge yourself with the implications of AI in different business and societal aspects.


To understand every aspect of AI, you need the right skills and knowledge. You can easily get it by enrolling in a quality AI course that includes lessons from industry experts. UCD Professional Academy’s Professional Academy Diploma in Artificial Intelligence for Business is an excellent example of such a course.

This course helps beginners and professionals learn the basics and advanced knowledge about AI. By the end of the course, you’ll know AI’s implications in the tactical and operational aspects of an organisation. With that, you will also learn about how AI contributes to society’s welfare.

Are you confident about choosing AI as your career? Connect with UCD Professional Academy today to kickstart your professional journey.