Early Bird: Save 10% when you enrol before 30th April.

Early Bird: Save 10% when you enrol before 30th April.

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Report: The Key Challenges Facing Ireland’s Workforce

The UCD Professional Academy commissioned detailed market research in 2021 and again in 2022. Based on a nationally representative quantitative survey, the report seeks to  further understand upskilling in an Irish context. 

It particularly seeks to gain a better understanding of how short professional courses are considered in this context, what motivates potential students to pursue short professional courses and the barriers that prevent them from doing so. 

This report is particularly opportune, coming at a time of major economic change as we continue to recover from the global Covid-19 pandemic, adapt to new ways of working and contend with growing geopolitical and global economic uncertainty. As the rate of economic change accelerates, continuous professional development will play an ever-increasing role in unlocking both the professional potential of individuals and the wider economic potential of the country.