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Webinar: Unlocking the Power of Data

Fundamentals for Becoming a Data-Driven Organisation

Did you know: many organisations consider themselves to be data-driven, when in reality, they are only data-aware

So, how can organisations ensure they are staying ahead of the curve with data transformation?

In this webinar, Nitya Govindaraju, subject matter expert, explores:

  • The data-driven mindset and the building blocks of data-driven transformation

  • How to overcome challenges in data adoption and empower data literacy

  • How to implement data-driven decision-making and create a roadmap for data transformation

About Nitya Govindaraju:

Nitya is a seasoned Data Analytics Professional with over 15 years of experience. Her forte lies in harnessing data to unravel intricate business challenges, encompassing data mining, visualization, Python programming, and machine learning. She holds a Master’s degree in Data Analytics and an MBA, along with specialist certificates in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Throughout her distinguished career, Nitya has left her mark on notable organizations including Accenture, Washington Mutual Card Services, GAP, Telstra, and innovative high-tech startups. This diverse corporate background spans industries such as retail, finance, and learning, showcasing her adaptability and proficiency across various sectors.

Nitya's academic and professional journey reflects her global outlook, as she has pursued education and worked across India, Australia, France, Ireland, and the United States. This international exposure has enriched her understanding of diverse cultures and academic perspectives.

In addition to her corporate achievements, Nitya is a respected Lecturer in Data Analytics. She imparts knowledge to postgraduate students, crafting curricula for corporate professionals that seamlessly integrate data analytics, Python programming, and machine learning. Her proficiency extends to platforms including Tableau, Power BI, and SAS. She currently teaches on the Professional Academy Certificates in Data Analytics: Visualisation and in Data Analytics: Machine Learning courses with UCD Professional Academy.

Nitya's remarkable career, rich industry experience, and global education define her as a data analytics leader who seamlessly combines practical expertise with academic insight.