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Save 10% on select upcoming courses! Enrol before 9th December.

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What our Alumni Say

The Professional Diploma in Office Administration was a valuable experience, which provided me with further opportunities - I’ve changed jobs since completing the course!

Patricia Sadej

I really enjoyed my time doing the Certificate in Introductory Data Analytics. I think Data Camp was really great and helpful, and my professor was really knowledgeable. The course was very informative and a great jumping off place, so I would absolutely recommend it to others. 

Macia Pinkwas

The Professional Diploma in Office Administration was thoroughly enjoyable, interactive & rewarding. I found the course content extremely applicable. I would implore anyone thinking about joining UCD Professional Academy to go for it. I couldn’t recommend the tutors enough for their encouragement and help. I hope to enrol for another course soon.

Brenda Monahan

I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to take not only their first steps into leading their own sales organization, but also current professionals looking to get a holistic understanding of how end to end sales works in an SMB. The content is up to date, engaging & also delivered in a manner which ensures relevancy to all verticals

Dylan O'Brien

Team Lead & Senior Account Manager for LCS EMEA Retail, Google

The Professional Diploma in Office Administration course was a thoroughly enjoyable and educational experience. I found the workload to be well broken down and manageable between the weekly online classes. I worked in full time employment while completing the course and found I had more than enough time to complete coursework after working hours.

Paul Tuohy

Deputy Shop Manager

The Certificate in Introductory Data Analytics was a very enjoyable experience - it provided interesting insights which I expect to use as I move into coding down the road.

Matthew Ryan

The Professional Diploma in Sales Management was well structured and interactive. Having a certification will help me obtain interviews for sales roles, and having knowledge of key sales concepts will set me apart from other applicants. I would recommend the course.

Andrew Roberts

The Professional Diploma in Graphic Design was fantastic! The way it was structured and the clear and easy to follow tutorial were really beneficial and our lecturer was great - so professional and very helpful. UCD Professional Academy is very well organised and run and I'd definitely recommend it to others.

Gillian Mitchell

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and found it extremely interesting and informative. My favourite thing about attending my course was learning about the case studies and real life examples of a company’s social media marketing campaign or strategy.

Scarlett Herron

The Professional Diploma in PR & Marketing Communications was thoroughly enjoyable and enriching from start to finish. The content covered was broad enough to provide a good basis in a range of topics and speak to a variety of different job types. The standard of teaching and class content was excellent, while the lecturer was approachable!

Laura Byrne

Proposal Development Specialist

I already had experience in eCommerce, and even so, the diploma taught me new things. It helped me understand how the market works in Ireland, through different case studies. The course gave me tools and a clear vision of the steps to follow to develop my start-up. There was a high level of detail, which shows a high quality professional diploma.

Paula Mino

Retail Planner

The Professional Diploma in Finance for Non-Financial Managers helped me build up basic financial concepts and knowledge. Reading financial statements has always been challenging for me. I've learned how to measure a company's performance from a financial perspective, as well as how to make an investment decision.

Alicia Wang


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