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Optimising the discoverability of your research outputs is very important not only for the dissemination of knowledge and raising public understanding, but also for enhancing its visibility, citation rate and overall impact.

Social media tools offer a powerful way for scientists to boost their professional profile and act as a public voice for science.

Scientists are increasingly using social media as a way to share journal articles, advertise their thoughts and scientific opinions, post updates from conferences and meetings, and circulate information about professional opportunities and upcoming events.

A growing body of evidence suggests that public visibility and constructive conversation on social media networks can be beneficial for scientists, impacting research in a number of key ways.

Google is the number one place people go to on the web to find out information. So when they are looking for you, your presence on online channels will boost your visibility in the search results. Check out the Google search results for these two UCD researchers and note the channels that appear first are all social media channels.

Barry Smyth

Professor Barry Smyth  

Ron Pinhasi

Professor Ron Pinhasi