Social media pitfalls

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As with all new endeavours, there is always room for error. Here are a few common mistakes made when engaging with social media.

Being irrelevant 
Although it is important for you to engage in conversation with others within your community, it is crucial that you only interact when it is relevant to do so.

Incorrect usage
It is important that you use social media appropriately as your audience are more likely to engage with you and your news if you are both using it in the same way. It is therefore a good idea to observe how other people and organisations with similar interests, audiences and purposes to you, use social media before you begin, thus eliminating margin for error.

Don't use social media to purely promote yourself to your followers. Obviously you want to promote your research, but you need to make sure this is in an appropriate manner that encourages interactivity and invites discussion.

Not listening
If people are trying to interact with you regarding your posts, make sure you interact with them as this will help to spread your message. Do not ignore attempts at making conversation with you, as this is the golden opportunity to enhance your networking and increase your contacts.

Loss of control
Once you have posted information within the social media arena, it is in the public domain and therefore to a certain extent you are relinquishing control of where it goes from there. You cannot control the reaction and what people are saying about your research. If people directly interact with you regarding content, you are encouraged to engage in conversation with them, without attacking their views.

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