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About Me

Worksheets where the young person describes how they see themselves
My Family

A mafia boss introduces you to his family and as a mark of respect the young person introduces his family and thinks about relationships and feelings in family life.
The Story of My Life

James Joyce and Homer give some pointers on how to write your life story.
Expressing How I Feel

The cyclops Ivan Eymann teaches you how to use I statements to express your feelings.
My Behaviour

Take Dr Watson's challenge to make positive changes to your behaviour.
Thinking Straight

The characters from David Natenbourough & the Search for the Intergalactic Space Moose teach core CBT skills.
Communication Skills

Socks Blunder & Harmony Sounds teach communication skills while looking for extra-terrestrial life!
Good Times

The young person plans activities to give them positive experiences and a sense of mastery.
Learning How to Relax

Learn a progressive muscle relaxation technique.
Learning How to Rethink Angry Feelings

Blues musician Sonny Skie Blues & his band The C of Tranquility explain how to turn red hot anger into a cool blue.
Problem Solving

Learn how to solve problems with Albert Einstein & Duffy the Vampire Mayor.
The Mindful Gnats Workbook

To Help You Practice Mindfulness Skills.