UCD Baby Lab Opens its Doors to Baby Scientists

UCD BabyLab, part of the UCD Neuropsychology Lab at UCD School of Psychology, has opened its doors to families this year. Genetic and  environmental factors influence the early development of cognitive, social, and emotional skills in different ways. The mission of this lab is to investigate the developing brain and behaviour in infants and young children so that we can develop ways to promote positive development during this critical early phase. The lab runs research projects and public engagement events for infants, young children, and their families.  One of the first projects, led by Dr Michellle Downes, aims to investigate how factors, such as sleep, contribute to the development of early attention skills. The project invitesbabies from 10 to 20 months old to visit the lab with their families. Some of the games and activities  involve measuring brain waves using colourful hats, using an eye tracker to capture gaze patterns, and sending home a sleep actigraph to track sleeping patterns. 

Of course, every baby who takes part is presented with a Baby Scientist certificate (you can never start filling those CVs early enough!) and siblings are kept entertained by our specially designed lab games! More information and updates from the lab and the project (including information on how to take part) can be found at the below links or by emailing sarah.conroy1@ucd.ie

FInd us at www.ucdbabylab.com or @UCDBabylab on Facebook/Twitter