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UCD professor of psychology gives keynote address at Australian Association of Family Therapy international conference

Mon, 9 November 15 10:06

His address was entitled - How and Why do Family and Systemic Therapies Work? Professor Carr, a leading international family therapy researcher, said “There is now a large evidence-base supporting the effectiveness of systemic couple and family therapy. This body of research shows that family and couple therapy works for a wide range of common child-focused and adult-focused problems. It also points to certain processes that underpin effective systemic therapy that may be incorporated by practitioners into routine research-informed systemic practice.  There is also significant evidence supporting the cost-effectiveness of couple and family for a range of common and costly mental health problems including depression, substance use problems, disruptive behaviour disorders and so forth.’   

In his address, Professor Carr presented key research findings on family, couple and systemic therapy, and outlined their implications for practice and mental health policy.

Pictured, Professor Alan Carr and Dr Margaret Hodge, President of the Australian Association of Family Therapy