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UCD Psychology Professor provides CPD family therapy training at Australian Centre of Excellence.

Tue, 10 November 15 09:56

Professor Alan Carr from the UCD School of Psychology presented a day-long continuing professional development workshop on research-informed practice in family therapy at Williams Road Family Therapy Centre in Melbourne, Australia on November 9th 2015.

Williams Road Family Therapy Centre is a centre of excellence for family therapy training, practice and research. It is affiliated to Swinburne University and has played a central role in the development of family therapy and systemic practice in Australia. It provides professional training programmes in family therapy, offers a comprehensive range of systemic therapy services to clients, and engages in research on family therapy. A challenge for busy practicing family therapists is to integrate research results into day-to-day practice.

There is now incontrovertible evidence from treatment outcome research that family therapy is highly effective for a wide range of common mental health problems in children and adults. There is also growing evidence that certain processes underpin effective family therapy. This research has identified effective practices for engaging families in therapy, establishing a therapeutic alliance, and using specific techniques to address particular problems. In his workshop Professor Carr presented a model for clinical practice informed by process and outcome research in family therapy illustrating the approach with videotaped excerpts from family therapy sessions.

The model of therapy has been described in Professor Carr’s internationally acclaimed textbook book - Family Therapy: Concepts, Process and Practice. Originally published in 2000, the third and most recent edition of this volume was published in 2012. Speaking at the event, Professor Carr said ‘The same principle applies to research-informed family therapy as to modern evidence-based-medicine. Ethical practice is research-informed practice. To offer clients the best possible family therapy service, it is essential that clinical practice is informed by up-to-date research. In my approach to training I help busy clinicians incorporate lessons learned from research into their routine clinical practice.’

Pictured at the event, Professor Alan Carr and Dr Sophie Holmes, Director of the Williams Road Family Therapy Centre, Melbourne Australia