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Video - Maximising Knowledge Transfer & Exchange Using an Evidence-based Model

Thu, 10 November 16 10:26

Knowledge Transfer & Exchange (KTE) is the process by which research is positioned to impact on policy and practice but can prove a challenge. A key aim for researchers is to effectively promote the transfer/exchange of research knowledge between relevant contexts, including to/from practice and policy contexts, but also to/from other researchers.

KTE is a complex non-linear process, has multiple stakeholders and is relevant at different & multiple stages of the research process. KTE can inform change in practice/policy and while the use of the knowledge represents an additional challenge that may be influenced by multiple factors, effective transfer/exchange can promote effective use of knowledge. So how do we as researchers maximise our KTE activities?

Suzanne Guerin
UCD School of Psychology & UCD Centre for Disability Studies
AIIHPC Palliative Care Research Network