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Survey of light touch services for those who are deemed ineligible for social care support

Mon, 12 December 16 10:31

The UCD Centre for Disability Studies is pleased to support a survey of ‘light touch’ services being undertaken by Prof Julie Beadle-Brown, Tizard Centre, University of Kent.  While this survey is being managed from the UK, the authors are keen to hear from service providers in other jurisdictions.
With the continuation of cuts within social care the threshold at which people become eligible for social care support has risen in the UK, meaning that many people with less substantial needs are getting very little support, if any. This includes those with mild intellectual disabilities, those with Asperger syndrome/autism spectrum conditions, and people with mental health conditions. Although these people can manage their day to day affairs for the most part, they remain vulnerable to becoming victims of crime and victimization, to developing mental health conditions and have poorer health status, or to living in poverty with inadequate support to find or keep jobs. There is a substantial need for "light touch" services that are primarily preventative in nature and which ultimately can reduce costs in the long-term. Some of these light touch services already exist in the UK but not in any systematic way.
If you commission, provide, use, or know of such services / supports, you may be interested to take part in this survey. Further details and access to the survey are available at this link.  The survey remains open to January 15, 2017.